I have been using Morganna’s Elixir as part of my daily regimen since 2005. Its comparable to many of the expensive anti-aging and smoothing serums I used to use. The results are great and I get compliments on my complexion all the time. The elixir is perfect for a young mom like me. I don’t need a ton of products, I just apply and go. Its not greasy and compliments my combination skin. A little goes a long way!

Erica B Roy

Maya, my mother in law raved about your elixir, she loved it so much she told her sister in Tennessee who also purchased it online. I must say her skin looks ravishing. You’ve really got something there. Totally genius!

Cengiz Volcy de Rougemont
Montreal, CA

Voila un jour j’ai rencontré Madame Maya Hyppolite en Haiti . Je suis un homme de 36 ans donc simplement je pensais en qualité d’homme quon ne pouvais pas mettre de la crème sur le visage ou autres. C’est vrai même a 36 ans je commence à avoir biensur quelques rides sur le visage particulièrement autour des yeux .Donc pour la première fois de ma vie , et après une longue discutions avec Maya j’ai utilisé la crème Morganna Magic pour les rides …Il faut savoir aussi , je suis un ancien militaire de carrière donc imaginé simplement pour nous militaires mettre un jour de la crème sur le visage !!!!! Après une semaine voir deux semaines de traitement j’ai été émerveillé par le résultat moins de poche sous les yeux et moins de ride sur le front et moins de patte d’oie sur le flan du visage. Aussi je voudrais simplement dire Messieurs maintenant c’est à notre tour de prendre soins de nous ………………….Maya un grand grand merci …..

Jean Marie Capdevila
European Kickboxing Champion 2004


Call me crazy; but, I thought my face was just fine…oh yes, there were the “old wrinkles” but we had become fast friends and I thought they added character! What it added was several years to my face and not a pretty sight when I began having my picture taken without my make-up on. One day I walked past the mirror and took a second glance to see how my grandmother got into the picture…oh golly, that was me!

A miracle happened one day through a phone call! A lovely lady by the name of Maya, who had moved into Neighborhood 3, began to tell me how she runs a business from home in specialized skin care which she has developed. She is a chemist of 15 years specializing in cosmetic science. She now has an ad in the Gazette as well as the flyer inserts that were in last month’s issue.

To get back to my disgrace of a face…it was totally dehydrated. Who knew? It was like an “old” piece of sand paper! I never thought I could use so much cream to begin fixing the mess I had made from years of smoking, lying in the sun and not cleansing properly. My make-up even applies much easier and looks a whole lot better. The cream has been the most phenomenal thing I have ever used and continue to use. The glow is remarkable and my face is not even a quarter as thirsty as it was. I have a glow I have not seen since I was a teenager Today I began the Botox cream and I can hardly wait to see what happens with this as well as the continuous exfoliating with her scrub and her “miracle working cream”!

***Carole Huden said “I can see a remarkable change in the glow of my skin and the moisture that is in there now”. Natalie Danelski said “my skin is much softer and it just glows; I can’t wait to begin the Botox cream next month! I just love this stuff!” Marie Wankowski wanted me to share that “I love this cream and will not stop using it! My husband has even noticed a difference in the softness of my face and there is a tremendous improvement in the texture and firmness. At my age, after years of sunburn, I can use all of the help I can get. My daughter even noticed a big difference when we went to visit her and now she wants to try it. I plan to try some of the other products that Maya makes as well.”

Cathi Mahoney

I started using the Elixir in January 2007. I have noticed my skin is softer and little firmer. The fine lines I started developing around my eyes and mouth have almost disappeared. In the past facial crèmes I have used from Avon, Oil of Olay and other companies have caused small break-outs on my cheeks, chin & base of nose area. I have not experienced that at all with the Elixir. My skin actually has a younger looking quality. I started using the Potion in the last few weeks at night. The scent is so light that I have experienced any breathing problems as in the passed.

Debbie Munting
New Port Richey, FL

I actually performed a little test since so many creams had failed before. I applied the Elixir on only one side of my face (around eyes, forehead and either side of the mouth) for the first several days. The difference was phenomenal! As I said before, noticed by many people. Of course both sides of my face now look equally well.
I was excited to see the different products on your site. Would you provide information as to the regimen for a 58 year young women with normal to dry skin. I would also like more information about each product. At this time I use a 5 product anti-aging regimen in Arbonne. I use a cleanser, toner, lifter, serum, eye cream and lotion during the day and cream at night.
I exfoliate twice a week and masque once a week. Of course I always used the elixir day and night and allowed it to absorb before applying any other products.

Rose Coton
Tampa, FL

At the ripe old age of 24 I began suffering from cystic acne, a painful and disfiguring condition which has the unpleasant side-effect of leaving life-lasting scars.
Just after my thirtieth birthday I had a consultation with Maya about my skin problems. She assessed that there were several issues that I was experiencing. She knew that if she put the right “cocktail” of products together she could probably treat all of them in one very safe and easy-to-use cream. This cream combined products to treat my excessive oiliness, my scarring, and even contained some anti-aging properties as the quality of my skin was now changing with age.
Twice a day, just after washing my face and before applying any makeup, I apply a light layer cream. That’s it. No sets of six bottles that need to be used in a certain order and applied in a certain way. Just the cream, a clean face, and my fingers.
I have been using Maya’s product for five months now and I have seen a very obvious difference in the severity of my breakouts as well as the fact that my scars have noticeably faded to the point where I need not apply nearly as much cover-up as I once felt compelled to. Furthermore, I have gone days without wearing any makeup at all and have been delighted to note that the telltale greasiness of old is no more.
Maya’s products work for the following reasons: these products are created by a Master Cosmetic Chemist who has a true understanding of dermatological problems; she has the knowledge and expertise to help alleviate those problems; her products are tailor made to the people who seek them; they are affordable and very easy to use.

Kelly Ann Weisgerber
Hamilton, NJ

I met you trough a friend that we have in common that have been using your products for sometimes now,she always tells me to give yours a try,I have a very sensitive skin,gets always rashes and bumps,well I just wanted to let you know that since I have been using the "ENCHANTMENT" I never get any ,I mean any rashes. Thank you Maya,you are the Best!


I don’t know what I would do without the “POTION” it hydrates my skin so well and it makes me feel alive again, my face looked so dried and dull, now I can say it looks like I was 15 again.Thanks so much for your great products, definitely I will try the others.


Hey there Morganna !!!!! Just wanted to let you know that the “ELIXIR PLUS ” is the best BOTOX I ever gotten in a cream !!!! What would I do without you now…..Thank you.

Ottawa, Canada