4 Super easy skincare tips for men

No matter if you are a man or a woman one thing remains true; skin is your body’s largest organ. Skin, which is composed of three primary layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis, is your first line of defense against injury, pathogens, and sun exposure–to name only a few–and it comes in contact with unimaginable amounts of debris daily. With that in mind, it’s truly no wonder how a pimple or wrinkle pops up every now and again. While our skin may not always be perfect, taking care of it so it can perform optimally isn’t just a task for women! So, here are 4 super easy skincare tips for men.

1. Don’t pick!


If you want to prevent infections and avoidable scars, the first step to nice skin–and a healthier you–is to not pick at acne, scabs, skin tags, moles or any other imperfection. Not only does picking reopen wounds and extend healing time, it also can introduce more pathogens to the area and lead to infection–and of course, scaring. As tempting as it may be, leave your skin to heal naturally or assist it with appropriate products like cleansers and moisturizers, which brings us to our next point.

2. Use a cleanser


One thing we learned during the pandemic is how important washing our hands is for removing germs and dirt. The same thing can be said for everywhere on our body, however, the way we wash different areas is just as important. Using the appropriate cleanser is a must for maintaining well-balanced skin–after all, you wouldn’t put hand soap on your face, right? Instead, you would use a facial cleanser like Morganna’s Alchemy Eco-Ocean specifically curated for the skin on your face. This energizing facial cleanser is oil-free, hypoallergenic, and rinses clean so it won’t clog your pores and is gentle enough for oily, dry, and combination skin with biodegradable beads that protects the environment and your skin.

3. Add a moisturizer


While it’s a myth that dry skin causes wrinkles, it does in fact accentuate wrinkles and skin concerns linked with aging. The best way to avoid looking old sooner is to moisturize with a product that won’t clog pores or lead to oily skin. Our Magic for Men line is the perfect anti-wrinkle lotion with ingredients that help prevent razor bumps, containing a blend of Eco-certified oils that help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate skin preventing sun and environmental damage, and eliminates ingrown hair and razor bumps. Magic for Men is specially formulated for a man’s skin.

4. Always apply sunscreen


You have heard it time and time again, sunscreen is important. The sun produces harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage the DNA in your skin. Though spending time in the sun is important for good health, too much sun has been tied to premature aging, liver spots, and worst of all, skin cancer. The best way to avoid over exposure to the sun is to apply a sunscreen every time you plan on being outside, even on cloudy days!

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