5 Reasons Why Collagen is Essential

  1. It’s anti-aging!

Collagen is an essential component of our skin, keeping the skin taut and supple. Consequently, the first signs of aging begin to appear on the skin in the form of dryness and wrinkles. As a dietary supplement, it helps maintain youth and reduce wrinkles.

The study, L’étude  which involved 69 women, found that after eight weeks of regular use of a collagen supplement, women had better skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles and smoother, smoother skin. It is important to note here that the effective daily amount of collagen should start at five grams (5000 mg).


  1. helps reduce cellulite and restores the vitality of hair and nails!

Due to the gradual decrease in collagen, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner as it ages. The “side effect” of this process makes cellulite more visible – everything that was hidden is now visible.

Consuming a collagen supplement helps make the skin more elastic. As a result, the skin looks smoother and the ugly bumps are hidden again.

In addition to the rejuvenating effect of the skin, the consumption of collagen helps shine discolored hair and make the nails more elastic and stronger.


  1. Help prevent age-related joint problems!

Do you think that at 40 you are no longer as flexible as your twenties? When you go up the stairs, do your knees show creaking or pain? Because collagen is an important component in muscles, joints, cartilage and even bones, a collagen supplement can reduce these sensations. In recent years, the use of collagen has also been studied in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.



Example: 147 athletes who experienced joint pain were tested during which they regularly consumed collagen for 24 weeks. The result – a significant reduction in joint pain. ont été testés

  1. Supports metabolism and muscles!

Collagen contains many essential amino acids that the body needs to function effectively on a daily basis. For example, glycine supports muscles and metabolism by being involved in the process by which glucose is converted into energy. Therefore, it is good to consume a collagen supplement after sports and also for people who work hard on a daily basis

  1. Supports the heart and many other important processes in the body!

Supplements containing hydrolyzed collagen also contain almost 20 different essential amino acids, each of which plays an important role in our bodies. For example, proline is an amino acid whose function in the body is to help prevent the calcification of arteries and the deposition of fatty substances on the arterial wall.


Collagen supplementation is certainly not a panacea for all diseases, but it has been shown in various studies that it has a positive effect on our body and our skin. So why not try a few lessons yourself?

Warning! The loss of collagen in the body is caused not only by aging, but also by stress, smoking, lack of sleep, excessive exposure to the sun and even many diseases. Therefore, try to gradually reduce the harmful factors that can cause you to prematurely age. And the collagen supplement helps you on your way to a beautiful, young and healthy lifestyle!