Vetiver Oil: You may have heard of it in folk medicine or have seen your grandmother use it, but this ingredient is effective, potent, and has many modern uses.

TIP 1: By adding a few drops of vetiver oil to your face wash, body wash or lotion, you will notice the difference: your skin will be more even and your complexion will improve.  In addition, vetiver essential oil is an antiseptic, which means that when applied to living tissue or the skin, it reduces the risk of infection and kills bacteria.

TIP 2: Cravings for cigarettes hard to resist? Pour a drop of vetiver essential oil and a drop of lemongrass essential oil on a tissue and breathe. It will help you not to take a cigarette and will relax you. In the world of cosmetics, vetiver essential oil is used mainly in the composition of perfumes and in the manufacture of cosmetic products (soap, cleansing milks or lotions, toilet waters, perfumes, etc.). It is really ideal for its smell that is both woody and sweet; and its therapeutic qualities.

TIP 3: Vetiver also has special properties to correct imperfections such as uneven skin tone to get give us a radiant complexion. It also effectively treats acne problems and oily skin.

TIP 4: It particularly helps to alleviate states of anxiety and depression.

TIP 5: It also helps treat muscle pain, rheumatism as well as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

TIP 6: It also promotes blood circulation, helping to rid your body of aches and pains quickly and help you relax.

TIP 7: Just add a few drops of vetiver essential oil to a massage oil to relieve aches and muscle contractions. It is mainly used in baths or massage to relax and provide a feeling of well-being and calm

TIP 8: Studies show that a minimum concentration of vetiver oil is necessary to clear up infections such as staph. These virtues of vetiver oil are useful before and after surgery and when healing wounds and cuts.

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