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Maya Hyppolite-Williams

How it all began

Morganna’s Alchemy’s 20-year adventure began at a dining room table.  After years in the industry, Maya Hyppolite, our CEO, had just developed her first product, Break the Hourglass, and began selling it to friends and family.  Break the Hourglass was an anti-aging formula that users swore diminished wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging.  Users swore by it, calling it “magic”.  What started as a home business grew quickly as word of mouth spread.

Soon, our home business became a full-time pursuit.  We developed a wide array of new products that our customers loved.  It was time to create a company to manufacture and market them.  But what to call it?

We looked for a name, we wanted to convey our customers’ sense of “magic and we thought “Who was the most powerful magician?  And we thought of Merlin from the old King Arthur tales.  But we felt our company was best represented by his female counterpart in those stories, Morganna.

Morganna’s art was to collect plants and herbs and work them into magic potions.  So do we.  Morganna’s  Alchemy uses only the finest natural ingredients in its award-winning formulas.  This is our “alchemy”.  Many years ago, alchemists sought to turn lead into gold.  Our Morganna followed this goal . . . but just a bit different.  Instead of turning lead to gold, we focused on turning age into beauty.

And that is how we came to be.

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