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The FSRL, Foundation Sainte Rose de Lima, more than doubled its contributions this year, which means those 80 girls we are currently helping with scholarships will have money for their schooling, not counting that we will also be able to hand out Christmas gifts to a lot more than the 800 kids that got some last year in Jacmel Haiti, and, we will be able to watch one or two more entire towns show up for something as simple as handing out one doll!

Adopt your cause make a difference!

On April 25th, 2015 our annual Hat for a cause fundraiser was held in an atmosphere of joyfulness and fun! We had prizes for so many it was difficult to count. Over 28 ladies participated in the best hat contest, although there could only be one winner, the ladies had so much that most of them are already planning their best hat for next year! The Salsa dance show left us amazed, but more importantly the crowd of over 200 alumni and their families was the most pleasing to us all.

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The goal was to be able to add on another 800 children to receive Christmas gifts this year in one more Haitian town. It was surpassed! And an estimated 2,000 children will find their happiness during this sacred season. Morganna’s Alchemy was there, as both a member and proud sponsor of the Foundation Sainte Rose de Lima. We hope to be there next year and to be able to double the attendance numbers.

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Featured Product – Concentrated Paracress oil

For laugh lines
It tightens the skin from within. Its smoothing action is immediate and effective

Because we smile, frown, laugh and speak, our face’s skin is subjected to thousands of involuntary microcontractions every day, which lead to the formation of fine lines. These fine lines may become more visible and deeper wrinkles over time. It is precisely because of a myorelaxant mechanism that slows down these microcontractions that Paracress extract is an effective agent on expression wrinkles.

A plant with medicinal properties and uses: Spilanthol is extracted from the Paracress plant. Spilanthol offers interesting bioactivities. It is a local anaesthetic and an analgesic.

Furthermore, over time, the number and activity of the fibroblasts in our skin diminishes and the architecture of the extracellular matrix is modified. The reduction in the adhesion of the fibroblasts to the collagen matrix and the reduction of fibroblast / extracellular matrix interactions is one cause of the disorganization of the collagen network that leads to a loss of firmness and an increase in wrinkles.

The effect of Paracress on the collagen network will help to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles.

  • FREE-RADICAL PROTECTION – Paracress oil is a potent antioxidant.
  • IMPROVED SKIN TOLERANCE – Paracress oil can prevent the irritation caused by some anti-aging ingredients. It is able to decrease inflammation.
  • PLUMPING SKIN – Prevents water loss and plumping skin with moisture more effectively.
  • BETTER ABSORPTION – Apply Paracress oil before anti-aging cream, to trick skin into letting active ingredients—like retinol, and vitamin C absorb more efficiently.
Myrna L is our transformation of the month!

We had her use the Cleanser + Xpress spot remover and the Paracress oil. In one month her expression lines are gone with a big increase of firmness, while her age spots have greatly diminished and she no longer needs to wear heavy foundation to hide them, just a bit of pressed powder. Congratulations Myrna, keep up the good work!

March 31st


April 25th


See more Before and After transformations here.

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