Anti-pollution skincare products are one of the latest trends in the beauty and skincare industry. If you are living in a major city, you are more likely to be exposed to all kinds of pollutants — air, water, noise, and radioactives. Major studies claim that pollution is one of the leading causes of skin issues such as acne, eczema, rosacea and more. And as the pollution continues to increase each year, this new whole species of anti-pollution skincare products come with the promise of fighting these harmful particles and protecting the skin against the environmental damages.

Plenty of research links air toxicity with premature ageing of the skin, so the fact that the air quality around the world is becoming poorer is worrying, especially for our complexions.

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Do you walk around a major city and feel like everything is under control? Well that is a mistake! Pollution causes silent attacks on our skin far more than what we expect. It doesn’t just simply sit on the surface of your skin, but it goes through, deep down into your skin, speeding up the aging of your cells. Once it gets inside the skin, they cause chronic inflammation, dehydration, and overstimulation of melanocytes, which can cause skin pigmentation. That is why it is one of the worst things for premature ageing. Toxic oily molecules measure only  20 times smaller than the diameter of a skin pore, so it’s no wonder that they can easily enter the skin. Anti-pollution skincare helps fight the free radicals in the air and shield your skin against their damaging effects.

What’s more concerning is that it is also happening inside our homes. Studies show that indoor pollution is already growing and becoming a bigger issue than it is right now. This type of pollution comes from a variety of sources, like cooking, heating, and up to cleaning products that release gas into the environment, all of which can damage the health of your skin. Even the blue light that comes from your cell phone damages the skin in the long run. With all the pollution around us, there is no wonder why the anti-pollution skincare industry has become a major player in the beauty industry.


Anti-pollution skincare products help protect the skin from harmful particles, similar to how sunscreens work. However, instead of protecting your skin from the damages caused by the sun, it products your skin from both visible and invisible harmful agents found in the environment. Other products may even remove these agents from the skin after you have been exposed. Best examples for these are skin cleanser and exfoliating masks. These products can remove harmful nanoparticles effectively. However, these products can only help remove pollutants on the skin for a short period. Still the best way to fight these problems is using leave-on products. These types of products offer protection that last for longer durations of time and prevent your skin from coming into contact with harmful particles in the first place. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.”

Most of the anti-pollution skincare products use Vitamin C as the main ingredient due to its ability to lighten skin tones and fight the dark spots caused by the pollution. This is something that is actually backed by science.

Anti-pollution skincare products serve as a shield for our skin against aggressors and pollution which cause visible signs of ageing, dark circles, and pigmentation. They protect the skin against both UVA and UVB rays.


The demand for anti-pollution skincare has become undeniable overwhelming. And it does reflect the fear of ageing which flourishes its market on its own.

Aging is inevitable, but aging gracefully is a choice.

Whether or not it works, there is something soothing about these products that promise to prepare you to face the reality confidently – providing a protective barrier between you and the metropolis. You may not be able to do anything about the cost of living, or the noise, or the air you breathe, but these products promise that you can at least do something about your skin.