Beatrice died 3 times this year! Yes, her heart stopped 3 times during the operation.


Two years ago, Beatrice was diagnosed with stage 2b Breast Cancer.  Doctors said” No, people no longer die from breast cancer”! Little did he know that Beatrice was allergic to the specific dye that they inject to light up the lymph nodes, during the double mastectomy operation?  Turns out she is part of the one in 20000 people who do have this allergy.  That means she went into anaphylactic shock and her heart stopped three times.  Three times they had to revive her and that she got saved on that day was nothing short of a miracle. As if the 7 months of chemotherapy prior to that had not been enough.


During her time in the coma, she had around 50 different tubes and gadgets attached to her body; she became so swollen, the Pillsbury dough boy could not compete. To put it in other terms she went into the hospital weighing 131 pounds, by the time she got home a couple days later she weighed 159 pounds. Her eyes came out of their sockets, for a few hours doctors could not tell if she had brain damage or not.


The nurse in ICU, worked nonstop, constantly adjusting each medication.  As it turns out if one is not adjusted the other one could kill her or affect an organ badly.  She remained in the coma for over 10 hours and when finally came out of it, had to wait 30 minutes before they could remove the intubator.


The 25 radiation therapy treatments that followed were horrible, and literally burned her skin to a crisp. She ended up having to be bedridden for 8 days without being able to wear so much as a t-shirt in order for the wounds to heal.


Again, she went through another extreme secondary reaction. One day Beatrice came to the Morganna’s Lab to visit and showed us her burns.


We started formulating around this situation and came up with the latest kit in the Morganna brand, which is our 10 years younger in 30 days.


Please listen to the story in, her very own words.


Meet Beatrice, our customer of week’ testimonial.


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