1. The beauty trend of “glowing” skin is far from disappearing in 2022 achieving the most luminous complexion possible as you know, starts with a good facial. We’ll still be choosing products that give a radiant and smooth complexion, while letting our pores breathe. This trend is also present in the world of makeup as well, where cream and stick blush, highlighter and eye shadow are gaining traction.

  1. Refillable packs

Many skincare brands have been working hard on eco-designed and refillable packaging to limit the ecological impact and also offer more economical solutions for their customers. In 2022, this system aims to expand and expand to as many products as possible. We are finding more and more anti-aging creams, or even serums with refillable bottles.

  1. Solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are becoming essential in 2022. We know about shampoos and solid cleansers, but many skincare products are now being developed in this format. The trend is also towards minimalism and multifunctional solids.

  1. No Irritation

If you haven’t irritated your skin once this year with too much retinol or mask abuse, you’re are lucky! The irritation can manifest itself in the form of redness, patches of dryness or outbreaks of pimples.

This year we are looking for ingredients that are calming and soothing while reducing the usage and concentration of those harsh active ingredients

  1. Fermentation

It may seem strange to associate the word fermentation with our skin care, but it has been a common practice in Asia for years! According to experts, the fermented ingredients in skincare give them a longer shelf life. In addition, they are effective ingredients, moisturizers, and antioxidants!

Well-hydrated, healthy-looking skin has been trending for a while now, this year, we’re turning into a frozen donut. In addition to adopting creamy textures in our makeup to achieve this look, we can also get luminous mists and hydrating essences in our skincare.

  1. Protection against blue light

In addition to protecting yourself with at least SPF 30, it is possible to find some that also protect against all types of light rays including the HEV which is High Energy Visible light like ingredients such as Melanin which is contained in our Express Skin brightener

  1. Stress management and Self-Care go together

The trauma we experienced during the 2 year and ongoing pandemic, many of you may have noticed the harmful effects of stress on your skin. So, self-care and more holistic methods to have beautiful skin are in!  particularly getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, meditating.

  1. Food recycling and no waste

Consumers are increasingly interested in organic, vegan and eco-responsible cosmetics. this goes beyond having packaging made from recycled materials! many companies will begin to include saved materials that used to be thrown away from the food industry. For example, olive leaves that are not used for the production of olive oil, or what remains of cocoa beans after making chocolate.



The scalp is also entering beauty trends that are not to be overlooked. According to Google there is a 70% increase in search interest for scalp products. To maintain the scalp, there are exfoliating treatments, or even cleansing oils. Have you tried any?

  1. Reverse skincare: what is this technique?

This is very popular in the TIKTOK beauty sphere, this technique consists of reversing the order of the steps of our skincare routine in order to obtain a more radiant, perfectly hydrated complexion. A method that would save dry skin from dehydration and revive dull faces that lack glow.

Cleaning  the face remains the first step not to be overridden, the following is a little bit  more confusing… since it would then be necessary to directly apply your moisturizer in a thick layer (whereas it is normally the last step). In contradiction to the rule according to which we would put fine and light textures first to finish with the thickest ones, reverse skincare encourages us to move on to toners and serums last. The trick would even be to soak several cotton pads in lotion and leave them on the face for about fifteen minutes, in order to obtain soft and plumped skin.

Have you tried this? Let us know in the comments?


  1. Cryotherapy treatment

Another trend born out of a change in mindset and a desire to feel good, cryotherapy is a treatment that uses low temperatures to invigorate the skin. Cold temperatures constrict blood vessels and tighten pores, giving your skin a firmer, more youthful appearance. If you’ve ever used ice cubes to soothe your eye area after a night out, you’re well aware of the relief cooling brings to your skin.