Best Product of the year Award to Morganna’s Magic for Men

On November 21, 2017 Anne&Stiil magazine awarded Morganna’s Alchemy with a first place prize for our Magic for men in the Men’s group category.

Every year the magazine gathers newly introduced products on the beauty market in 12 different catagories from wrinkle to acne to shaving creams.  Together with a panel of expert judges they go through each product and rate them based on product performance, quality and need for the market.

The panel tested a total of 284 products from the categories and; and how happy we were to have been selected!

Morganna’s Magic for men is a Multi-functional product that is formulated specifically for men’s skin, meaning that it is at a pH of 4.5 to match their more acidic skin, which is also thicker than women.  It has a combination of Capper bud and Paracress oils to reduce ingrown hair while protecting against wrinkles. These ingredients are Eco certified.

Anne Stiil has a readership of over 60,000 readers and are located in Estonia.&

Our distributor Rosena DK was there representing and to receive the prestigious award for Morganna’s Alchemy, at the annual Gala.

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