skincare tips for women of color

Skincare tips for Women of Color

It is no secret that managing the problems of black skin is sometimes quite difficult!

It can be oily but dehydrated, sensitive but less likely to get wrinkles, it is rich in melanin but riddled with hyperpigmentation. It’s got us believing that it can withstand a lot, but we need to keep in mind that it is extra sensitive at times. Physiologically and histologically, there is no difference between black, white and Asian skin. But in black skin, seborrhea and melanin are very active, which results in this shiny effect that displeases us and let us not forget how much it suffers from hyperpigmentation.

Please read through our list of do’s and dont’s to keep it gorgeous!

Mistake 1. It’s oily so you over clean it and exfoliate.

You tend to scrub your skin and use aggressive cleaning products, sometimes even dry sponges. Because of these bad habits, many black women think that the more you wash the skin, the less oily it will be. But the opposite is true. This kind of cleaning attacks the skin scours it and therefore causes a natural reaction of the epidermis that will start to produce sebum to repair the damage. As a result, the vicious circle sets in: the more you clean, the more oily your skin becomes.

Mistake 2.    Your skin is dark so you think you don’t need SPF.

For some women, using sunscreen is not yet obvious. Without sunscreen, even the darkest complexions can develop signs of melasma. Women of color should use an SPF of at least 15, up to 50. Always try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun without protection, even if you’re trying to rid yourself of acne as this leads to hyperpigmentation.

Truth 3. Black skin must be treated as sensitive skin.

Do use only products that are gentle to your skin. If you see an aesthetician, do not let them use harsh chemical peels or products that tend to heat up your skin. You will only be facing hyperpigmentation galore in the future.

Truth 4. Black skin is more fragile skin than other skin types.

At times this is very true! Black skin is paradoxical: on the one hand it ages less quickly than other skin but on the other it is more fragile. It scars very easily (dark spots) and over heals (Keloids) as unpleasing as keloids tend to be. Black skin is not adapted to the western climate and needs a lot of moisture to compensate. Do not forget the gentle, non-aggressive cleansing products.

Truth 5. Never, Never, Ever use Hydroquinone-based products.

It was originally used to bleach blue jeans! It was never intended for consumer skin care. Do opt for high antioxidant based products, which target to stop swelling under the skin, and reduce the hyperpigmentation.

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