Morganna’s Alchemy Djondjon Mushroom Cream placing 2nd in the Cosmoprof awards

We’re thrilled to share an exciting update from Morganna’s Alchemy! This July, we had the privilege of attending the prestigious Cosmoprof Las Vegas event, where our innovative Djondjon Mushroom Cream made a remarkable impact.

Amongst a staggering 300 entries, our unique cream, infused with Djondjon mushroom and CBD, secured a spot as a finalist in this renowned awards show. Only four finalists were selected in each category, making this achievement all the more exceptional.

While we may not have taken home the top prize, our cream for sensitive skin received an overwhelming response, solidifying its status as a trendsetter in the realm of beauty trends (Cosmo Trends).

What sets our cream apart are its two key ingredients that contribute to both inner and outer well-being. Djondjon mushroom, often regarded as a “smart mushroom,” boasts an array of vitamins that aid the body in adapting to stress and maintaining a state of equilibrium. Meanwhile, adaptogens in the formula elevate energy levels during low periods and provide crucial support during times of stress.

When applied to the skin, these ingredients work wonders. Our cream helps alleviate sensitivity, minimize pores, fortify the skin with prebiotics, and combat age spots and acne blemishes. Additionally, the infusion of CBD, extracted through a meticulous CO2 process, ensures purity and potent anti-inflammatory properties. The medical community is actively exploring CBD as a natural miracle worker.

We take immense pride in introducing this exceptional cream to our product lineup. Discover more about the incredible Djondjon mushroom and its benefits on our website.

Join us in celebrating our achievement at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and our commitment to crafting products that enhance both inner and outer beauty.

Explore more about our Djondjon mushroom cream here.



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