You will notice a lot of beauty products being labeled as Anti-Pollution Skin Care. The launch of these products have increased over the past few years, from basic skin care to makeup. While pollution does sound alarming, some people needs to be acquainted to the term ‚Äúanti-pollution‚ÄĚ in terms of health and beauty. Here at Morganna‚Äôs Alchemy, we wish to clear things up.

What is anti-pollution skin care?

Morganna’s Alchemy anti-pollution skin care means helping protect your skin from damage due to environmental factors and delay aging caused by free radicals, UV exposure, exhaust fumes, subway emissions and even blue light. We know not everyone have the luxury of just moving up in the mountains with cleaner air and exposure is necessary to continue everyday life in urban areas.

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The importance of anti-pollution skin care is considering our skin being bombarded by air, water and sunshine on a daily basis, and sadly pollution is prevalent in urbanized areas. These elements contribute to extrinsic aging of the skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, urticaria and even eczema.

Does anti-pollution skin care products work?

Morganna’s Alchemy has long been dedicated to finding quality natural ingredients from all over the world. Our search has helped us to identify some of the best natural anti-aging ingredients that nature has to offer.

Almost all of our ingredients are Eco-Certified and Organic, so you can use them with peace of mind. We don’t settle for cheap alternatives just to cut costs. At Morganna’s Alchemy, we only pick the highest quality ingredients with the highest potency. The proof is in the results.

The primary reason that Morganna’s Alchemy anti-pollution skin care products work is that we can guarantee potency. While there are numerous products and labels out there advertised as anti-pollution skin care, their effectiveness is questionable, the guarantee of potency will rely not only on the ingredients used but the process involved in handling the substances.

For instance, skin care products by Morganna’s Alchemy are not just loaded with pollution-fighting ingredients without being labeled anti-pollution. Some of those ingredients include vitamin C and E, algae, niacinamide, ceramide 3, green tea, prebiotics, zinc oxide and other mineral barriers.

Our anti-pollution skin care products use stable products with efficacious concentration of anti-pollution ingredients.

Morganna’s Alchemy products typically work by forming a protective barrier over the skin, which prevents pollution particulate from attaching directly to or penetrating into the skin. They also help reduce the signs of inflammation or stress on the skin, through the use of antioxidants, or restore the skin barrier.