Elastin protein, the true architect to your skin!!

As skin ages, collagen and elastin fibers, that form the extracellular network, become disordered, unstructured and sparse. The dermis loses density and skin shows aging signs:

The skin’s elasticity decreases and wrinkles appear

Elastin  is the most important protein for good skin appearance. It acts like springs in on our skin, and permits it to bounce back.

In order to understand this, try comparing a rubber band and chewing gum.  A rubber band will immediately bounce back to its original form.  When there is a strong amount of Elastin present in our skin, it will bounce back to place after removing any pressurethat was applied. While the loss of this important protein, signifies skin that will have a crepey, saggy look to it (chewing gum) does not bounce back.

There are many ways to restore this important element.

Here is a list of things and ways to restore Elastin

– Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the rate of elastin to fall significantly. When exposed to sunlight, sunscreen creams with an SPF 30 rating are highly recommended.

–  Stay as far away as possible from smoke fumes of  as well as smokers because it reduces the reserve of elastin of the organism.

–  Foods rich in Omega 3 such as nuts, salmon, olive oil as well as avocados help maintain an optimum amount of elastin in the body

You can increase your protein intake here’s how


-To reduce the effect of environmental stresses (sunburn, fumes) on the quantity of elastin in the body, you can regularly eat foods rich in antioxidant elements like oranges, grapefruit, broccoli or even black berries.

– Drink plenty of water in order to maintain skin hydration and thus reduce the toxins present in the body that limit the function of elastin.

– Vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc supplements are needed to restore elastin to the body by maintaining optimal hydration of the skin cells.

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Looking for a natural immediate wrinkle reduction cream?

Here is some information on our Vitamin C cream:



don’t just take our word for it…read what one of our customers says!

Being 43 and having aging, oily skin always proves to be a bit of a dilemma for me. Most anti-aging treatment creams tend to be a little too heavy for me and while I can use them on my neck and décolleté I end up avoiding my face all together. If I don’t I end up feeling greasy and inevitably I break out as well.
Thankfully, I think I may have found the perfect treatment cream for me! This Morganna’s Elixir for Anti-aging Cream Treatment for Expression Lines by Morganna’s Alchemy is a game changer for me. I don’t really have wrinkles/expression lines on my face yet (thank goodness, at least oily skin is good for something) but I’ve been using it on the fine lines and wrinkles in my under eye area for several weeks now and they appear to be less noticeable! I also have those annoying neck lines and my décolleté is definitely starting to show my age, those are the areas where I have really seen the most improvement. For my daytime skincare routine I apply around my eyes, down my neck and on my décolleté area. For my nighttime routine I apply this all over. Face, neck and décolleté. I even take it up around my shoulders as well. Overall, my skin has become more plump and youthful and the fine lines and that crepey look that was starting to develop on my décolleté have all but disappeared.
However, even with just the first use skin feels instantly hydrated, plump and looks more firm but like any anti-aging product best results are achieved with continued use and multiple applications.

Canda Castel

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