Firming and tightening your jawline with Powerful Paracress flower oil Extract

As we age the extracellular matrix of our jawline which consist of dermal water made with protein fibers and fibroblasts which is the skin support tissue starts to become dis-organized and loses firmness.The accentuation of wrinkles and double chin ensues.

Often times we start to think of surgery and injections as the only way to fix these issues.

Nature has many answers to help us at least delay these invasive methods.

Spilanthes flower (Spilanthesoleracea and Spilanthesacmella) is also known as the ‘Toothache plant’. It is a flowering native plant found in Brazil. This small and erect plant has broad leaves which grow rather quickly and that has delicate gold and red flowers that are commonly used in herbal preparations.

The Spilanthes flower is mainly ornamental but the flower heads contain a great amount of an analgesic agent known as Spilanthol. This is specially used to numb toothaches and gum aches as well.

In Madagascar and other African countries, this flower is added to vegetables during cooking. It adds flavor to stews and salads and very often used to douse the intense heat and taste of chili and different types of peppers.

However, this precious flower’ properties do not stop at just being a condiment.  In skin care, thanks to it very high alkalymide content the oil of the flower is a powerful aid in the fight against aging.

This active has a unique mode of action: it strengthens the architecture of the dermis by placing the network of protein fibers under tension for a fast and lasting redensifying effectThis helps to restructure the jawline with rapid effectAt Morganna’s Alchemy we particularly like this flower’ extract

When applied to the skin the light yellow liquid give a slight tingling or buzzing sensation, that’s how fast it starts to work.

As in any Morganna product, manual harvesting and strict harvesting of this floral part does not destroy the plant and ensures its preservation. In addition, the clean extraction process used allows recycling of plant residues, used as compost for agriculture.

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