How to deal with acne and Eczema for brown and black skin

It is more pigmented than fair skin, and therefore more loaded with melanin, dark skin is more easily subject to pigmentation and scarring disorders.

Brown and Black skin will tend to look shiny because of excess oil production. It is often believed to oily, when due to in our dry and cold climates, suffers from dehydration. In fact, the skin cannot create a protective film and it is eczema that arises. Or the skin reacts to this attack by producing more sebum, the pores of the skin dilate and inflammatory reactions in the form of acne appear.

 Dark spots and scars

Brown and Black skin is very sensitive to any types of inflammation causes, whether it be acne or eczema or hormonal changes that bring on a post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (HPPI), or darker spots on the skin, because they stimulate the production of melanin in phototypes type 5 and 6, and then break harmony of the complexion. This type also cannot be subjected overly aggressive treatments: the risk of pigment rebound is significant on this type of skin. Better to avoid anything that can affect the melanocytes, the cells that make the pigment in the skin


Here is how to avoid getting acne

  1. Regularly cleanse your face with an anti-bacterial cleanser.
  2. opt for a treatment adapted to Nubian skin (black, matte, and mixed) with acne tendency.
  3. Before treating your spots, it is recommended to treat your pimples.
  4. To mattify your skin, apply a sebum-regulating treatment daily if you have oily or combination skin.
  5. To allow your skin to breathe and unclog your pores, it is recommended that you make a gentle scrub with salicylic acid. Without being aggressive, this treatment acts in depth on your skin.
  6. To get rid of blackheads, it is recommended to take a steam bath with essential oils of tea tree (tea tree) and lavender, for example, before exfoliating your skin.
  7. Adopt a beauty routine consisting of cleansing, moisturizing, and treating your skin.

It is important to maintain it daily.

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, using a suitable lotion to eliminate excess sebum.
  2. Choose an appropriate gel that targets your
  3. Apply sun protection suitable for your skin to keep a clear complexion.
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