Winter time can make us quite uncomfortable; we get frostbite on our fingers and a constant runny nose. To top it off our chapped lips make it not only uncomfortable but also a bit painful at times. There are a quite a few things that we can do during this season, in addition to drinking water, to help prevent dry, cracked lips. Burt first….


Why do we have chapped lips when it’s cold?

As always, before solving an issue, we must understand. why do our lips react with chapped skin in winter? The answer is Quite simply because the lips, like all mucous membranes, are particularly fragile regions. It does not contain sebaceous glands or melanin pigments. Unlike the skin on the rest of the body, they therefore do not have this natural barrier which is the hydrolipidic film.

These tips will help you keep them moist and plump all winter long

Tip number 1 : Switch to a cleansing oil for makeup removal

Like any skin care product, makeup removal is an essential step in taking care of your lips on a daily basis. Even if your lipstick has faded during the day, you need to remove your makeup. Choose a gentle cleanser or even a cleansing oil, for example, rich in vegetable oils, which will nourish the mouths that need it the most.

Tip number 2: Do not use exfoliate.

As we have pointed out earlier our lips do not have the same constitution as the skin on the rest of the body and cannot afford deep or harsh exfoliation

Tip number 3:  Avoid matte finish lipstick

To ensure immediate comfort to your lips, avoid lipsticks with a matte texture as much as possible. Even though they are trendy, most of these cosmetics suffocate the skin on your lips and make it more vulnerable.

This one will not have the necessary defenses to protect itself, and therefore it will be more willing to be chapped. Instead, choose lipsticks with a satin finish and consider applying a balm or even a Hyaluronic acid-based serum before any lip makeup.

Just like your skin, your lips are under attack from a number of external factors. However, the skin on the lips being much thinner than the rest of the body, this makes them a sensitive target.

In addition to this fragility, the lips are devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands. These glands allow the skin to protect and hydrate them naturally.

This is why your lips tend to damage and crack quickly when put under too much strain.

Tip number 3 Invest in a Humidifier

While drinking water can help keep you hydrated from the inside out, sleeping with a humidifier can help keep your lips hydrated and reduce the harsh impact that dry winter air can have on.  This trick is very useful for those who breathe through their mouths while sleeping.


Apply vitamin D to very damaged lips to help them heal faster


TIP number 4. Include your lips in the nigh time skincare routine

skin regenerates itself especially at night and it is therefore important to take care of your damaged lips when you go to bed. Do not hesitate to use moisturizers, such as our https://www.morgannasalchemy.com/product/water-drops-serum/  vegetable butters or specific creams obtained in pharmacies if they are particularly chapped. Put a thick layer on the lips and you will see that they will be in much better condition when you wake up!

Tip Number 5.  the moisturizing balm or stick

It’s all in the title, but then again, there are a few precautions to take. Having a moisturizing lip balm is the only way to care for and maintain your lips because it alone will deposit a protective film that will limit evaporation and water loss. But be careful, not all balms are created equal, and it is important to exclude all those that are scented because they irritate the skin and maintain or increase the risk of chapping. To nourish your skin as to nourish your stomach, it is always better to turn to natural products, without coloring or perfume. Also, look for a balm with SPF containing Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide ( stay away from the suspicious sunscreens)

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