How to Prevent Dry and Cracked Hands

The Corona virus has certainly helped to raise our awareness of the importance on hand washing, several times a day. We have all felt the very drying effect from the use of soap and hand sanitizers.  There are also many other several causes and aggravating factors behind the appearance of this skin problem.

Here are a few:

  1. Frequent hand washing
  2. Frequent or prolonged exposure to irritants such as soaps, chemicals or household cleaning
  3. Frequent use of gels or antibacterial soaps, which are irritating and drying on the skin
  4. Skin diseases (for example, eczema or psoriasis)
  5. Hot showers or baths
  6. Ambient air is too dry
  7. Lack of hydration
  8. Prolonged exposure to cold, wind or sun.

How to care for your dry and cracked hands with soap

The soap removes lipids and protective ingredients from the surface of the skin, which has the effect of drying it out.

But hand cleaners aren’t the only cause of dryness. Indeed, too hard water can also play a role.

The very act of washing your hands deteriorates and attacks the hydrolipidic film which is on the surface of our skin

For a hand cleansing gel, here is the ideal composition to respect your skin:

– Mild surfactant like Cocamidopropyl Betaine (skin-friendly and non-irritant)

– Water (solvent)

– Glycerin (humectant / moisturizer)

Flower hydrosol (scent)

Vegetable oil (nourishing)

Preservative (keep the product)

  • Make sure you get enough hydration by drinking lots of water.
  • When washing dishes, cleaning or in contact with irritants, protect your hands by wearing rubber or plastic gloves.
  • In the sun, apply sun protection to the skin.
  • If the ambient air is very dry, use a humidifier.


When the above measures are not enough and your hands still get damaged, here are 2 steps to help them repair themselves:

  • Practice weekly hand bath oil


When your hands are much damaged, it is possible to immerse them in an oil bath once a week.

Pour Castor oil (also strengthens the nails) or Olive oil in a deep dish and bathe your hands and fingers for ten minutes.

Then rinse off with lukewarm water, and dry with soft towel up the excess.

Finish with a gentle massage of the most damaged areas and extremities.

Recipe number 2

It is also possible to concoct a recipe which consists of cutting half of a cucumber to marinate in a bath of wheat germ oil for several days, then filter everything and knead your hands with the resulting mixture


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