Our hands are very often in contact with an environment that is not conducive to their preservation. Climatic conditions, the sun, water, household products very often damage the hands and promote the appearance of dry hands.

More exposed and sometimes less well protected, our hands need special attention, especially to keep them soft and free of dark spots that can settle in.

Here are some tips to keep them protected and looking young if possible.


1: wash your hands well

Daily, you will have to wash your hands very frequently. To prevent them from being too damaged. You should use a gentle cleansing soap that is suitable for your skin type and always rinse with lukewarm water.

Once washed, remember to dry them well. Dry them with disposable paper, patting them well, including between your fingers.

if you use regular soap temporarily break your skin’s protective barrier, and it takes 90 minutes for this barrier to rebuild itself.  Do make sure to follow with a good hand cream that has some SPF in it.


2: Exfoliate the dead skin

Exfoliating your hands promotes better absorption of moisturizers. But that is not the only advantage. A gentle scrub removes dead cells and softens your skin. If your skin is not too irritated, we recommend that you do a scrub once a week.

You can use the scrubs offered by cosmetic brands: but here we are instead offering you an equally effective homemade recipe.

Take 2 tablespoons of fine cooking salt, add to it, in a bowl, a tablespoon of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon. Massage your hands with this homemade product then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Salt works to remove dead skin, while olive oil nourishes your skin. Lemon juice softens the skin and removes bad odors.

Do this preferably at nighttime, because of the lemon juice.

3: Moisturize your hands well

Consider using hand cream throughout the day. This moisturizer will bring suppleness and softness to your skin. Do not hesitate to put a tube of cream in your bag or next to the tap: you will be less likely to forget to hydrate your hands.

4: Reuse your face moisturizers

You can use your face creams on your hands. If you plan to do manual work later, to avoid any risk of slipping, it is better not to apply creams that are too rich.

 5: Eat a balanced diet

Having a varied and balanced diet, means not to neglect foods rich in omega 3 and vitamins A, B, E. Not only do these compounds participate in the healing of skin, but they also promote the regeneration of the cells of the superficial layers.

They are found in vegetable oils, oily fish (sardines, salmon, etc.); fruits, vegetables and dairy products (especially for vitamin B).

 6: Protect your hands

When you do the housework, wear latex gloves so that the detergents do not damage your skin.

Make sure to wear your sunscreen with an SPF index of at least 30.

When washing your hands, use lukewarm water.

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