How to properly apply your neck firming cream and when to start.

To get the most out of your routine, it is imperative to always remember the right way to apply your cream which is very gently!



  • Before applying onto your neck, make sure to heat up the cream in the palm of your hands, then apply gently in small circles from the center and outwards joining the fingers all the way behind your jaws.


Remember your neckline, start by massaging horizontally, from the inside out, keeping your hands flat.  Then go vertically, from the bottom of the chest to the neck: Doing upward movements stimulates cells that are responsible for the flexibility and support of your décolleté.  Repeat multiple times until cream penetrates.


At what age should you start using neck firming and tightening creams?


From the age of 30, it is important to get in the habit of moisturizing and protecting the skin of the neck and décolleté.

That is before your skin becomes more marked and this, according to different skin types, people, and different lifestyles, that we must seek to use a targeted and specific treatment to correct the marks that may appear gradually: wrinkles, spots, wrinkled appearance, sagging.

Did you know? Even your clothes can sometimes have an impact on wrinkles and contribute to premature aging. For example, wearing a sweater that is too tight, which will rub against your skin all day long, is not recommended. Choosing the right bra is crucial: too small, it will accentuate wrinkles; too large, it will not give our bust the necessary support, and the skin, which is tight, will be more prone to wrinkles.


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