How to shave and prevent ingrown hair for men

What is the proper way to shave? the right steps

  1. Whatever the shaving mode, first pass the blade in the direction of the grain, then in the opposite direction.
  2. Check with your fingers that there is nothing left to cut, even if you are using an electric razor. In case of mechanical shaving, always immerse your razor blade in hot water before cutting.

With or without a badger?

The great art is to use a quality product with badger and let the lather sit for a while so that it “works” on the beard.

Always choose a gel which is well hydrating and adapted to your  skin type (choose “sensitive skin” or “or hard to manage beard”


Immediately after shaving: Moisturize the skin.

Put out the fire created by razor burn, your battered skin needs to be relieved and rehydrated:

If you accidently cut yourself by gestures that are too abrupt, worn razorblade, poorly prepared skin It is easy to remedy these small inconveniences with a cauterizing stick, very effective… and less conspicuous than the bandage or cigarette paper stuck on the face!

How many times a week should you shave? For men of color this should be reduced to twice max.

1 When to shave?

A man who chooses to remain hairless will always shave when he gets up: the skin, well rested, is better disposed. According to experts and the quality of the chosen cutting mode, there are between 6,000 and 25,000 hairs to “guillotine” each morning (this also depends on the cutting instrument:  mechanical or electric razor).

Shaving in the middle of the afternoon is strongly discouraged. Except with an electric razor, and again!

2 Prepare your skin well

-Choose a hygienic and well-lit place to officiate. Apply very hot water to your cheeks before attacking: this soaks the hair, which will yield better under the blade.

– First, a burst of cold water awakens the skin.

– Wash in lukewarm water with a cleansing cream or gel moisturizes, softens and cleans the leather of your chin.

3 Alternatives to shaving: permenant laser hair removal (cautionary statement) depilation

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