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Lemon peel extract, is a Vitamin Gold mine of well being inside and out

Lemon is chock full of vitamin C and citric acid, it is mainly known for its antiseptic, lightening and antioxidant properties.

With its purifying power, it deeply cleanses the skin, in particular thanks to the action of vitamin C, which is sebum-regulating. Rich in tannins and flavonoids, lemon is also a powerful antioxidant. Astringent and antiseptic, it is a natural antibacterial, which helps reduce blemishes, and make pimples, blackheads, and other small blemishes disappear.

Lemon can be used in many ways to take care of yourself:

  1. manicure: Thanks to its whitening power, lemon has the particularity of gently lightening slightly yellowed nails. Simply soak for ten minutes in hot lemon water, before rubbing vigorously with the skin of the lemon.
  2. lighten a few hair strands gently: Prepare a rinse water based on the juice of an organic lemon and half a liter of water. Rinse your hair with the preparation, before drying with a hairdryer or in the sun, the heat will naturally activate the lightening effect of the citrus fruit. Remember to rinse your hair with clean water afterwards, and moisturize it with an oil or a serum to prevent it from drying out!
  3. Radiant smile: Once a week, do add a few drops of lime juice to your toothbrush. Gradually, the teeth naturally become whiter, and the spots disappear, without the use of a chemical product.
  4. To get a new skin in a 100% natural way: Create a good homemade scrub based on lemon juice, brown sugar and olive oil. This mixture is applied to the skin by massaging it, before rinsing and moisturizing with Morganna’s 24K GLOW.
  5. Plump lips: Treat yourself to an ultra-gentle exfoliant made with honey, lemon and white sugar. Gently rinse before applying a rich moisturizing balm and giving yourself eight hours of restful sleep. When you wake up, plump, soft and velvety lips!

How Do you wan to enjoy the benefits of lemon peel in your diet?

Most of the time, the lemon peel is only used as a zest. it is then used to make desserts, or other types of dishes, because it brings a very particular bitter flavor.

However, taking into account all of its benefits that we have just listed, it seems essential to start including it regularly in your diet, by following these few tips:

  • Wash the lemon well and put it in the freezer so that it is completely frozen, before using it.

Once this is done, you can grate it entirely. So you will enjoy the benefits of its skin, or mix it entirely.

You can use the zest to garnish your soups, salads, juices, pasta, sauces, rice, sushi or fish dishes, for example.

  • When you feel like drinking a lemonade, mix it with lemon peel. You will enjoy 100% of the benefits of this fabulous citrus fruit.


The Morganna’s Lemon Drops has  antioxidant activity of lemon extract  due to its flavonoids and vitamin C content. Flavonoids such as  quercitin that best fulfills the requisites for an effective radical scavenging
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant with free radical scavenging activity very useful in treatments against photo-ageing. Vitamin C has photo-protective properties similar to those of vitamin E.
It’s also got cell regeneration stimulating activity, This activity is due to the α-hydroxy acids (AHA) content of lemon.
A low concentration of  AHAs act at the stratum corneum level. They make the stratum corneum thinner and improve the flexibility of the skin surface. This action was discovered while studying the effectiveness of a topic AHA treatment for ichthyosis. AHAs were also demonstrated to act on any hyperkeratosis process.
Collagen synthesis stimulating activity This activity is due to the vitamin C content of lemon
Formulated to pH 5.5, it will not have the irritating effects commonly associated with strong AHA solutions. It contains only the correct amount to be effective- A lot out of one single fruit
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