Men’s amazingly different skin type

It is 1/3 richer in collagen, about 20% thicker, generally denser, more resistant, and seems to benefit from greater flexibility until the forties. Yes, Men and women are not equal in terms of beauty and do not have the same skin!

Men’s skin neglected, is much more sensitive than we think. In honor of No Shave November, we should dive into specific details.

The benefits of testosterone

Men have 10 times more testosterone than women. With age, this exacerbated secretion becomes an advantage. A thicker hydrolipidic film in men than in women helps protect the skin from drying out and at the same time, from aging. According to a 2016 study, oily skin wrinkles less easily than dry skin.

It ages less quickly  

The aging of the male skin is later than ours … but it occurs suddenly. The epidermis of the men is indeed more elastic but, when this characteristic is attenuated, the features are marked strongly, especially at the level of the eye contour. Side products, we can use their anti-wrinkle care, but only if their texture is light – these being designed for male skin, their dosage is adapted to a skin more fat and thicker. 

Men skin is hairier  

It is no surprise to anyone, the hair system of men is more developed than that of women. These are the androgens – or male hormones – that are the source of hair growth … but also, in some cases, hair loss. Attention, therefore, to choose shaving products adapted to its problematic in which the beauty industry is expanding its offer every year.

Skin’s acidity 

Another fundamental difference between the two types is the acidity of the skin, superior to that of the man having a pH value of 4.5 compared to 5.8 of the woman. The higher values ​​of acidity, characteristics of human skin and because of the greater presence of lactic acid, they better preserve against bacterial infections, but make it more irritable.

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