Morganna’s Alchemy Skin Care in Russia

Morganna´s Alchemy Skin Care in Russia

This past November 1st, Morganna’s alchemy attended the first ever, American beauty show organized by the US Commercial service in Russia.

” I was so amazed by the amount of attendees” says Maya Hyppolite CEO at Morganna’s.  In fact, over 1000 people from Russian press, to Beauty distributors to pharmacy and beauty chain were at the event.  The doors opened at 9.30 Am and we kept busy with meetings and brand presentation until 9 PM.  How great it is to see that Russia is open for business and open to new and exciting brands.  In fact, we are hoping to start shipping in the next few months.

We took advantage of the event to introduce theMorganna´s Alchemy ‘10 years younger in 30 days’set; which features some of best proprietary blends of organic actives. our latest technologically advanced development in the line.

Our ten years in 30 days kit is a four step daily process that addresses a lot more than just wrinkles.  What made us happiest was being able to introduce this set in front of over 200 pharmacy chain, spa, beauty salon and beauty chain owners.

High levels of interests from the Russian market is what we took out of this incredibly well organized day, with two of our products already getting featured in a couple of Russian beauty magazines, as well as online TV beauty shows, such as Beauty 3D.

All of this is not a wonder because, the Experts expect that consumers in Russia will return to buying more expensive premium cosmetics brands already in 2017. Beauty products are the very last goods that Russian women are willing to give up. Russian women are very image conscious and strive to have a “perfect look” 24/7.  Morganna’s Alchemy is looking forward to helping these women keep up with the perfect and best look.

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