Our Grandmother’s Secrets! Healing through plants

Image Source: Neirfy / Shutterstock.com

Since the dawn of time man has studied plants, flowers, trees and their fruits, in order to put them to the service of our health and beauty.   This is how we now have an entire gamut of beauty recipes that have been perfectly put together throughout the centuries. Those recipes are still whispered from generation to generation.

Lime: lightens hair.  A little pressed lime, some sun exposure and hair color is illuminated. (Caution not good for skin)   For manicures, dip fingertips in a bit of lime juice, it aids in cleaning the nail contours.

Cucumber: hydrates and refreshes.  To be cut in thin slices and applied all over the face and eye contour. Not very practical, however very efficacious.

Rose Water:  Hydrates skin.  Rose Water is ideal in the form of a facial mask, it tones and refreshes.  Make a paste by mixing with a few spoonfuls of brewer’s yeast.  Wear the mask for 25 minutes. Rinse, good for all skin types

Chamomile: Calms and softens.  After a late night, one just has to apply it as a mask to reduce puffy eyes.   You can also prepare an infusion from chamomile flowers.  When cool, put two compresses on eye contour.  Leave on for 15 minutes

Milk:  Hydrates and tightens.  Cleopatra, and Josephine Bonaparte were two renown women for bathing in milk whether it be from goat or donkey.  Milk has natural tightening properties and is a powerful cell regenerator. It helps to reduce and prevent irritation, even for the most sensitive skin.

Clay:  Also known as “miracle dirt” Can be used alone or mixed with other ingredients.   Clay purifies, cleanses tones, heals, and nourishes any skin type.  It is an intelligent remedy provided to us by nature.   Mostly used in facial mask form, for all over body cleansing.

Shea butter:  Hydrates and nourishes skin on the entire body.   It can also be used as a hydrating mask for hair.  When massaged in circular motions over the belly it aids the intestinal transit.

Yes, just a few of the many recipes we can use to feel better and make ourselves during the upcoming summer months.