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The Birth of Break the Hourglass

Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful.

Ever since I can remember, I aspired to become a doctor. However, delving deep into medical science triggered a sense of hypochondria within me. Each new illness I studied convinced me that I was afflicted by it. In a mere semester, I transitioned from suspecting sickle cell anemia to lupus, and eventually to generalized cancer. Witnessing the pain and suffering of patients firsthand at the hospital only exacerbated my anxieties. It was time for a change. I sought a position as a lab technician at a company specializing in antiperspirants and deodorants. Stepping into that research lab, I felt a resonance; this was my calling. A fusion of science and creativity sparked my imagination, and I began envisioning my own production facility.

Years later, Morganna’s was born on a kitchen table in Belgium, originating from an anti-aging cream I crafted, named Break the Hourglass. I formulated various skincare products that I distributed to neighbors through my son’s bicycle courier service. One day, my aunt requested a solution to extend the intervals between her Botox™ treatments. She desired to continue the treatments but suffered flu-like symptoms for weeks post-session. She needed a remedy to prolong the time between treatments, leading to the creation of the Elixir.

Observing a surge in demand for the Elixir through solely word-of-mouth, without any formal marketing, astounded me. Users were sharing it with friends without my knowledge. A year after its inception, I applied the Elixir and witnessed its remarkable effects. I had to halt the car mid-journey to inform my best friend, “This product truly works!” Her response, “I told you so,” marked the realization that Morganna’s Alchemy had the potential to evolve into a business. The venture swiftly evolved into a family endeavor, with my children actively partaking in sample creation and production.

Today, Morganna’s Alchemy is distributed in numerous countries, including France (where its products reigned as the best-selling skincare items on the French shopping channel ‘M6 Boutique’), Estonia, Poland, Romania, Haiti, Canada, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. All this while being nurtured and crafted in the radiant state of Florida, USA.

Xoxo Maya Hyppolite

Our Philosophy

Science-Based & Simple

By carefully choosing organic active ingredients from Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia, CEO and Formulator Maya Hyppolite is able to create each and every product with her signature of Phyto-Dermo-Cosmeceuticals.

This means that multiple highly potent ingredients are put in synergy, giving the best possible results in the least amount of time. Wrinkle reduction, acne control, and age spot prevention and removal are achieved with no side effects.

Simplicity and results are the main drivers behind Morganna’s

Our goal is to find the highest quality, highest potency, ingredients from around the globe, and tap those resources in a sustainable fashion. We use local family farmed products, which support local communities. All of our products are cruelty-free.

Our active ingredients are subjected to clinical testing for efficacy. Each formulation is developed at safe pH levels and are tested for irritancy and safety.

All of our naturally-derived ingredients come from co-operatives and fair trade partnerships that practice rational agriculture. Our raw materials are subjected to audits to ensure cultivation and reasonable care standards are met.




Environmentally friendly production methods that respect human welfare


Responsible use of natural resources


Respect for biodiversity


Free from petrochemicals, parabens, Phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants


Recyclable packaging


Green chemistry development

Our Founder & CEO

Maya Hyppolite-Williams, M.A

Over 20 years experience in cosmetic research and development in both the United States and Europe Master of Arts in Cosmetic Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University Bachelor of Arts in Science and Math, Thomas Edison State University Recipient of the “Micro to Millions” award in 2007 Recipient of the “Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur” award in 2008 based on a commitment to community and personal development

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