Morganna's Elixir

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Provides powerful oil-free hydration and fights against the primary signs of aging.

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Target the primary signs of aging with Morganna’s Elixir. Unlike most anti-aging creams, our Elixir is hydrating but oil-free, making it perfect for oily and combination skin types looking for youthful skin without the breakouts. Natural wrinkle-fighter Spilanthol strengthens your skin’s elastin while working to reduce myo-facial muscle contractions, preventing deeper wrinkles and firming fine lines. Our proprietary hypoallergenic Walnut Extract protects the skin against environmental damage and free radicals to repair signs of aging that accumulate from pollution, sun exposure, and stress. 

Environmental & Social Responsibility: Our Spilanthol is sourced from South Africa in partnership with the Black Economic Empowerment program. Read more about the sustainability of the Paracress Flower here.


After 28 days of use, 56 women tested showed:
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Decrease in wrinkle depth
“I have been using Morganna’s Elixir for almost 2 years. I had the start of fine lines around the eyes and forehead lines. Within 2 weeks of using the Elixir (twice a day) the fine lines were disappearing. I have received many comments on my younger, smoother, firmer skin.”
Apply to face, neck, and décolleté twice a day after cleansing and using serums.

6 reviews for Morganna’s Elixir

  1. Quixotechop

    “I have been using Morganna’s Elixir for almost 2 years. I had the start of fine lines around the eyes and forehead lines. Within 2 weeks of using the Elixir (twice a day) the fine lines were disappearing. I have received many comments on my younger, smoother, firmer skin. When I wash my face I am amazed at the overall softness. I would highly recommend all of Morganna’s products.”

  2. Erica B Roy

    “I have been using Morganna’s Elixir as part of my daily regimen since 2005. Its comparable to many of the expensive anti-aging and smoothing serums I used to use. The results are great and I get compliments on my complexion all the time. The elixir is perfect for a young mom like me. I don’t need a ton of products, I just apply and go. Its not greasy and compliments my combination skin. A little goes a long way!” ~ Erica B Roy

  3. Felicia

    “There are so many new products on the market but after using Morganna’s Elixir, I am convinced they are what keeps my skin young and glowing. I get up in the morning and cover my face and let it soak in. What a feeling! I never retire at night without one more application. I am so thankful for their products.” ~ Felicia, Miami Florida

  4. Smile_karoline97

    I received this free for reviewing purposes.
    Morganna’s Elixir
    This anti aging cream has made some good efects on my skin. My skin seems softer and smoother after some uses. I love scent of it and it feels kind of luxurious. I love the pump applicator and the cap to cover it the overall design its pretty cool.

  5. Yvetta

    I turned 30 last year, which means I now actually have a need for wrinkle cream;-) I received a complimentary bottle of Morganna’s Elixir to test and review. In about 2 weeks, it seems like my expression lines might have become a little smoother around my eyes. The product itself has a strong scent which, though pleasant, wasn’t the greatest for my sensitive-ish skin. Sometimes my skin felt a little irritated afterwards. Small price to pay for youthful beauty!


    Being 43 and having aging, oily skin always proves to be a bit of a dilemma for me. Most anti-aging treatment creams tend to be a little too heavy for me and while I can use them on my neck and decollete I end up avoiding my face all together. If I don’t I end up feeling greasy and inevitably I break out as well.
    Thankfully, I think I may have found the perfect treatment cream for me! This Morganna’s Elixir for Anti-aging Cream Treatment for Expression Lines by Morganna’s Alchemy is a game changer for me. I don’t really have wrinkles/expression lines on my face yet (thank goodness, at least oily skin is good for something) but I’ve been using it on the fine lines and wrinkles in my under eye area for several weeks now and they appear to be less noticeable! I also have those annoying neck lines and my decollete is definitely starting to show my age, Those are the areas where I have really seen the most improvement. For my daytime skincare routine I apply around my eyes, down my neck and on my decollete area. For my nighttime routine I apply this all over. Face, neck and decollete. I even take it up around my shoulders as well. Overall, my skin has become more plump and youthful and the fine lines and that crepe look that was starting to develop on my decollete has all but disappeared.
    However, even with just the first use skin feels instantly hydrated, plump and looks more firm but like any anti-aging product best results are achieved with continued use and multiple applications.

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