Morganna’s Paracress Oil

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A potent concentration of Spilanthol prevents and corrects fine lines and wrinkles.

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The Paracress flower has long been used in South American traditional medicine for its numbing and anesthetic effects. Today, it is used in anti-aging skin care for its ability to lift and firm skin naturally. What is so great about the Paracress flower? It contains Spilanthol, a natural analgesic that helps with expression lines over the long term. With a 40% concentration of Spilanthol, this oil is excellent for targeting fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing myo-facial muscles (the tiny muscle contractions in your face that lead to expression lines).  Not only is Spilanthol great for preventing muscle contractions, but it also helps restore skin’s integrity by increasing collagen production. 

Environmental & Social Responsibility: Our Spilanthol is sourced from South Africa in partnership with the Black Economic Empowerment program. Read more about the sustainability of the Paracress Flower here.


After 7 days of use, 30 women showed:
0 %
Reduction in crow's feet
0 %
Reduction in crow's feet
After 30 days of use, 100 women polled said they saw:
Firmer skin 80%
Smooth lines 75%
Apply 3-4 drops of the oil after cleansing and moisturizing. Use twice daily for best results.
Paracress flower

6 reviews for Morganna’s Paracress Oil

  1. n.mcmahan98

    Wonderful addition to my face routine. Helping firm skin.

  2. n.mcmahan98

    This helps firm and tighten small lines.

  3. christinej19711

    I’ve been using this amazing serum for 2 weeks now- and wow can I see a difference in my developing fine lines
    The serum itself is so pleasant to apply- at first it’s was oily… but THEN when the massaged into your skin it becomes a light airy Serum! it feels amazing on the face of the natural ingredients – this is no doubt going to become huge! I am definitely going to add this into a skin care routine as well!

  4. editor_club

    I have wanted to try this oil for a long time. And here I have it. I have been using this product for a week. I noticed that after application, my skin was really relaxed.💖 It’s incredible. Plus, this oil absorbs very quickly and doesn’t make the skin oily.
    I apply oil first, and then my favorite cream. My skin looks great after a week. It is fresh and smooth. I am sure that if you use this oil longer, then fine wrinkles will disappear completely. Girls, I recommend this product. This is a great botox alternative.

  5. nicholemhawkins

    I love how lightweight this oil is. It does a great job at absorbing into the skin which helps with wrinkles and fine lines.

  6. ambern90

    This is really great. My skin is so soft and feels so much more moisturized compared to when I used other products. After the first use, my skin was more relaxed too. Absorbs in your skin great. Can’t wait to continue this journey with this product.

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