How to recognize and treat combination skin.


1- T-Zone tends to be oily and shine

2- The cheeks and temples are rather dry

3- Combination skin may be prone to imperfections, acne and / or dilated pores

4- Combination skin is drier in winter and greasy in summer

5- If the skin also shows redness and is reactive that’s because is combination and sensitive skin.




The beauty ritual of double cleansing is particularly recommended for combination skins as it is a really effective way to clean your skin deeply if you respect the first 3 steps: makeup removal, cleansing and lotion.


Apply the technique of double cleaning: therefore  remove make-up thoroughly with a make-up remover oil (no need for cotton, it applies on dry skin with hands, mass for about one minute then rinse with water: Oil then turns into milk and does not leave any greasy film on the skin), then  use a cleansing foam to eliminate residues. For my combination skin, you can alternate between a “normal” moisturizing foam and a more treatable foam specially adapted to mixed or oily skin.


Watch our little video demonstrating the efficacy of our Prickly Pear Seed oil: 



Hydration: this is the master word in any beauty routine, and this applies to all skin types! Because yes, we too often tend to think that combination and oily skins do not need it because they already shine too much: fatal mistake!Combination and oily skin need daily hydration to regulate. Without this, the skin will try to fill its lack of hydration by producing even more sebum (in order to restore its hydrolipidic film): it is its natural mechanism of “defense” against dehydration. So, if it produces an excess of sebum it is a constant cycle of blocked  pores comedones and acne.


These natural actives are great for combination skin


– Tea tree is an Australian plant with antiseptic properties perfect to clean, tighten pores and thus obtain a smoother skin texture.

– Cucumber moisturizes, refreshes and rebalances the pH of the skin. It also contributes to the natural renewal of the protective layer of the skin.

– Hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, ensures a good hydration of the deeper layers of the skin.

– Bearberry makes it possible to regulate the secretion of sebum, to attenuate skin imperfections and to diminish the effects of brilliance for a matified, unified and brilliant skin.

– Hazelnut oil treats irritations and provides suppleness and elasticity to the skin, due to its astringent properties that fade blackheads and acne pimples.

– Organic Aloe vera soothes, hydrates, refreshes and rebalances the pH of the skin

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