The road to even-toned and radiant skin!

The desire for uniform complexion without irregularities is wanted everywhere around the world, from  West to East, and especially in Africa and South-East Asia, where the pigmentation defects show up not only on faces but also on décolleté and hands.

These spots increase with aging, according to a genetically dependent intensity, these pigmentary punctuations are the result of sun damage sustained for years on uncovered parts of the body, but are also dependent on other factors such as climatic hazards, physical aggression, or internal factors: nervous stress, hormonal impacts (progesterone and androgens stimulate #melanogenesis)

Hyperpigmentation happens in a few different ways.

1. It can be over a time period due to over exposure to the sun.  It is invisible initially but end up generating hyperactivity of melanocytes, which amplify melanin synthesis.
2. Hyperpigmentation can also happen due to hormonal changes, stress etc.

The great news is that with science ever evolving, we know the difference in these types of hyperpigmentation.  Knowing the different mechanics of hyperpigmentation means we can treat them accordingly.

Today we know a whole arsenal of substances that can mitigate the spots by inhibition of tyrosinase, and primarily botanical extracts.

The importance of combining several actives that will come together in synergy is primordial more than ever.

Some of the best performers are:

  1. Vitamin C, in particular the stabilized derivatives
  2. Resveratrol very powerful with no depigmentation effect
  3. Kiwi which also has hydrating properties
  4. Barley Extract

In general taking a 360 degree approach where we treat both the dermis and epidermis will give us some extraordinary results

PS: make sure to always your sunscreen, sunglasses and hats when going out into the sun.

Always use your Morganna’sExpress spot remover or your Morganna’s Even skin tone formula with Lingonberry Extract