Secrets to fix Dark Circles!

  • Dark Circles are classified according to their appearance:

.1.pigmentation (brown color)

2.vascular (blue/pink/purple color) or a mixture of these.

  • Dark circles and puffy eyes may be caused by multiple factors:
  • inflammatory reactions
  • allergy
  • pollution
  • skin irritation
  • accumulation of melanin
  • deficient microcirculation of the skin due to a lack of elasticity in the capillaries

The most common thing leading to the appearance of dark circles are deficient blood microcirculation in the skin and accumulation of melanin.

The glycation of structural proteins in the skin also contributes to the development of dark circles, as these glycated proteins cause a certain yellow-brown color in the skin

  1. How to Reduce your Dark Circles and puffy eyes no matter what the causes !
  2. Make sure you can get plenty of sleep
  3. Treat your allergies if you have them
  4. Treat your nasal congestion
  5. Watch our video !
  6. Visit our website and try the Morganna Mesmer Eyes
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