Sponsoring the Society of Haitian Dermatologist annual event!

On Thursday July 13, Morganna’s Alchemy was very happy to sponsor the 36th annual celebration of the Society of Haitian Dermatologist.  This joyous celebration was a great time for dermatologist and medical professionals from all over the country to meet together in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

As the official sponsor of this prestigious event, Morganna’s Alchemy was delighted to present 2 awards to the founding doctors of this society. Both Dr. Gislhaine Auguste and Dr. Bernard Liutaud received plaques honoring their work and commemorating their hard efforts.

Marie Denise gave an insightful presentation on Morganna’s Alchemy, our scientific research, natural and safe ingredients, proven clinical results, and ever advancing product line. We have amazingly grown over the years to now offer 26 unique products that address and fix every skincare need or concern.

Morganna’s Alchemy products are available and prescribed to patients in all dermatology offices throughout Haiti. One of our best sellers in this region is our Express spot remover and skin brightening cream. This smart cream safely targets acne scars, age spots, discoloration, and hyper-pigmentation. Express is well respected by these dermatologists because it is a safe alternative to harsh, harmful, and toxic skin bleaching products that are commonly used by many Haitian and Caribbean women.

We are very proud to be held in such high regards by all of the dermatologist of this society. Due to our stellar results from clinical trials, medical professionals love the results we accomplish while using natural, organic, or pure extracts. Our clients appreciate the instant gratification of smoother, hydrated skin, while the doctors appreciate the long-term hydration, replenishing, and reversing the signs of aging.

Morganna’s Alchemy will continue to grow our wonderful relationship with the Society of Haitian Dermatologists.  A very special thank you to the president of the organization, Dr. Edwige Auguste and Dr. Yolene Bijoux Paultre. And always a special thanks to Dr. Claudie Leveille, who was the pioneer in launching Morganna Products in Haiti.

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