The Sun: how it behaves on various skin types with sunburn

This fire star envelops us with a soft cocoon of heat, and is infused with vitality to all living organisms. As soon as it floods us with its light, we feel propelled by new energies, which is why we are always galvanized by it.

Here is how the sun affects various skin types

To each his own genetic sensitivity to the sun:  This is what is referred to as capacity of resistance. Irremediably begins at infancy to every solar attack undergone. In general darker skin types are better protected against photo carcinogenesis and aging induced than clear skins. In fact, milky-skinned redheads or blond and light brown with very light skin, have a reduced “sun-capacity”. Such is the case of the Irish, the Celts: their tanning will always be laborious – at the cost of serious erythema, sometimes it may be impossible to get a suntan. They are also most at risk of cutaneous melanoma at a late age. Australia remains the country with the highest incidence of melanoma in the world, despite awareness-raising campaigns.

Brown skinned people with matte skin tone, tan more easily, without really getting sunburn. Hispanics, Indians, Asians, for example, burn little, and still tan. The sun loves to leave its imprint on these seemingly more resistant faces: whether Korean, Japanese or Chinese. The solar light received every day during childhood and adolescence is enough for the mark early lentigo actinic (hyperpigmentation spots), their carnation evolving towards a darker tone. On the other hand, Asian populations are apparently far less prone to skin cancer than Caucasians. This suggests a good ability to self-repair their skin against the onslaught of UV. Black skin, for its part, has a high filtering power: it protects from the sun’s rays five times more than white skin. Africans with black or dark brown skin never burn, tan intensively. Caribbeans can count over 35 different skin tones. They vary from very light to ebony black skin tones. Sun intolerance in not uncommon, it does cause them to suffer from sunburns, which are main causes of pigment spots, darkening, acne marks and scars.

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