Surprising reasons we get dark circles and how to get rid of them

The skin of the eye contour is extremely fragile, and much thinner than facial skin, so it shows the first signs of aging. This zone is the most likely to suffer damage as a result of different assaults (UV, pollution, stress, smoke, etc.) and is constantly in use, as we blink an average of 20,000 times a day. Under eye hyperpigmentation, known as dark circles, is classified based on its appearance

a- pigmentation (brown color)

b- vascular (blue/pink/purple color)

c- structural (skin colored)

d- mixture of these

The appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes may be caused by multiple factors, including:

– inflammatory reactions

– allergy

– fatigue

– pollution

– skin irritation

– aging

– accumulation of melanin

– deficient microcirculation of the skin due to a lack of elasticity in the capillaries

However the  main reason is


 Acupressure is a simple treatment you can do yourself which helps boost blood circulation flushing out accumulated toxins from the delicate skin under your eyes. This is also helpful for bags under the eyes.

Do this simple exercise daily.

Close your eyes

Using your ring finger, gently press/release, press/release, moving from the inside     corner to the outside corner.

Repeat 10 – 15 times.

Then the exercise below the other eye.

Take care of your dark circles and puffy eyes with