Cosmoprof Trendsetting skincare creams!

Morganna’s Alchemy attended the annual Cosmoprof Las Vegas this year in July.

The twist was that, our innovative cream with Djondjon mushroom and CBD was a finalist in the awards show.

Over 300 submissions were put in, and only 4 finalists in each category.

Although we did not win, our cream for sensitive skin was a hit, and categorized as a trendsetter (Cosmo Trends).

It is comprised of two main ingredients that help us be healthy inside and out.

Featured in the Beautystreams presentation, multiple times, please see presentation here:

“ Calling it a powerhouse cream of smart adaptogens and CBD” It is here to stay.

Djondjon mushroom is a smart mushroom, it contains multiple vitamins that help that body adjust to stress and bring it to a homestatis state. Adaptogens boost the body in periods of low energy and boost the body during periods of stress.

How it translates to the skin is in sensitivity and helps to reduce pores, protect by providing pre biotics,

and helping in reducing age spots and acne spots.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory extracted by CO2, making it very pure and powerful.

The Medical community is studying this compound as one of the great miracle workers of nature.

We are very proud to have added this cream into our repertoire.

See more about our mushroom here


What makes a plant an adaptogen?

To qualify as adaptogens, plants must meet the following three criteria:

  1. To have no toxicity, even in long-term use.
  2. To produce a non-specific response, i.e. a general increase in resistance and adaptation of the body to stress of physical, biological and emotional origin.
  3.  To have a normalizing effect at different levels, whether nervous, immune or endocrine, thus helping to maintain the homeostasis of the body, (too often precarious) balance.

At the moment, there are close to twenty plants can take advantage of the glorious title of adaptogens .The majority of them come from the Chinese pharmacopoeia, such as Astragalus, Codonopsis, Reishi and Schisandra, as well as from the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, such as holy basil (also called tulsi), Ashwagandha, Shatavari and the Shilajit. This is because these two systems of medicine have similar concepts and work.

However, more and more discoveries are being made and plants such as Moringa and Mushrooms such as Djondjon (originally from Haiti) can also be qualified as adaptogens.

Djondjon contains many vitamins B’s and protein and calcium that help to relax the body as Reishi Mushrooms.