Stem Cells an avant-Garde technique to younger, firmer looking skin


Stem cells are cells that have the ability to multiply and regenerate throughout the life of the organism. They help maintain the proper functioning of the organs and tissues of the human body.


Cosmetics targets stem cells located in the skin which are above all the key to the regular mechanism of cell regeneration. By dividing, they give birth to “daughter” cells, which are renewed every twenty-one days. They play a key role as a conductor in the regeneration of the skin.

Stem cells are not renewed and are very sensitive to senescence, to various internal and external aggressions and particularly to UV rays.



The meristem is used as a biological tissue made up of undifferentiated cells, the only ones capable of reproducing identically for a very long time. In association with skin stem cells, they act as a starter in the reactivation of cellular processes which slow down with age.

The goal is to protect the reserve of stem cells to keep intact their ability to divide properly, and that they work optimally in all layers of the skin.

Their benefits act on each floor, housing its stem cell population.

They also have a targeted action directly on the wrinkle: they move towards the wrinkle and manufacture new cells in this microenvironment, thus making it possible to fill it by recreating cellular material.

They restore the cutaneous mesh and the firmness of the skin by densifying the support tissue of the epidermis, which repels the wrinkle from the inside.

The use of plant stem cells has several significant advantages:

           1.Reduced water consumption – producing an active ingredient from plant stem cells requires about ten times less water than       traditional methods.


  1. Preservation of natural resources – fields can instead be used for vital food crops; energy consumption is lower than in the traditional harvesting and processing mode.


  1. Protection of biodiversity – only a very small part of the plant is needed to create a line of plant stem cells, for example 1 kg of cells is equivalent to 5,000 flowers. On the other hand, there is no need to pick plants from the wild.
  2. Improving quality and purity – the purity, safety and quality of the ingredients are not affected by environmental pollution.
  3. Seasonal and geographic variations are eliminated and quality from batch to batch is guaranteed.


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Revolutionary Facial Contouring with Edelweiss Stem Cell Technology

NECKYes, consumer awareness has led to expanded expectations, far from the anti-wrinkle,anti- age spot and expression lines….we are now into facial contouring. Thanks to the properties found in a small plant from high in the Alpine mountains. Edelweiss. And with smallest possible carbon footprint for products. Amazing!

How exactly does stem cell technology work?

Stem cells in plants are referred to as undifferentiated cells. They carrying the entire DNA gene expression of the plant to help the plant regenerate. A slight cut to the plant triggers a wound plant hormone, called auxin, which causes the plant to form a defensive response called a callus. This callus is cultured in a laboratory setting, where the active subtance is multiplied in these cells by 1,000 times: Super concentrated.

The newest powerhouse stem cell: Edelweiss

Edelweiss, which flourishes in harsh mountainous climates, produces several active substances to protect against the elements, including UV rays. The high concentrations of leontopodic acids A and B it produces have antioxidant properties, as well as anti-collagenase and hyaluronidase activity, potentially resulting in firming the delicate area of the neck. Almost like a liposuction for the neck.


Introducing Morganna’s Neck firming Cream with Edelweiss stem cells

This luxurious cream helps firm and tighten the delicate neck and décolleté areas. It improves elasticity and boosts moisture levels to restore the skin’s appearance and texture. The result is a smoother, silkier look and feel.

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– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
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