How to take care of the delicate eye area

As we age, it seems impossible not to notice how our happiness, our trials, our various tensions and climate start to leave furrows around the eyes. I mean both in hollow part called the valley of tears and on the upper eyelids.

This part of the body is delicate, very thin. Imagine the eye contour is 0.05 mm compared to 1 mm to the rest of the face.

It is located on a frame that is very low in collagen and elastin fibers.

All of this contributes to the eye area being the first place where we notice the damage of time.

Here is our top 3 methods to keeping the eye looking sexy and illuminated

  1. Vitamin K:  Inside and out.  It can be found in many vegetables such as Brocoli, Spinish and Asparagus and fish oils.
  2. Recycle your chamomile tea bags. They are very helpful in reducing the puffiness around the eyes.
  3. A metal spoon! Put this spoon in the freezer for a few minutes, remove and apply it under the eye area.  Amazing and rapid results can be achieved.
  4. Use your eye cream ( Morganna’s Mesmer Eyes!) It has Vitamin K, B3.





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