Do Take care of your poor tired feet!

In the middle of winter, the holiday season suddenly reminds us that we have feet. The evenings in the restaurant, the balls “atmosphere and cotillions” and other outings with friends are the occasion to partially show them off. It is the perfect season for those beautiful black high heels that look so good at New Year’s Eve but leave us with more pain than anticipated.


We may tend to forget them but our feet are essential to our quality of life. Just like a toothache, having pain in our feet prevent us from concentrating on anything else.


Caring for them a few minutes a day will help us stand a lot longer …Here are a few tips


1. If you tend to have feet with, perspiration and small odors, use foot baths regularly. Dry them carefully, concentrate in between the toes and wear cotton socks and leather shoes. There are talcs, deodorants and creams in pharmacy that will help keep you dry.


2. If you have dry feet, calluses, cracked heels, there too, the foot bath is indicated. When you have softened the skin, use a pumice stone on the wet foot or a rasp on the dry foot to gradually remove the dead skin. Your local pharmacist can advise you about a nourishing cream that will give you the impression of having found baby skin.


3. Under no circumstances should scissors be used to remove calluses, you could get hurt or get an infection. Our very own Emily made a special video for this blog post!




4. Cut your nails using your scissors or nail clippers. To avoid ingrown toenails, we recommend a square cut, then file horizontally and do not touch the sides. The almond cut will remain limited to the hands.


5. If you color your nails, wait until they have become very dry, about thirty minutes after the bath. Otherwise, they are porous and the color will not hold well.


6. Do apply a colorless base to prevent the pigments of the varnish from yellowing the toenails. Remove the varnish after 4 or 5 days using a mild solvent to let the nail breathe.


7 and not least! DO choose your shoes well. Heels should not be too high (3.5 cm) they will allow you to stand and dance all night. Remember that your feet tend to swell at the end of the day?! This is the perfect time to buy shoes! Opting for a more comfortable model, or a size above means you will not have to take off your shoes at around 11 pm or sit around watching others have fun while you are suffering in silence … Fashion victims, never forget that a shoe should not hurt even on the Day of purchase!