“I am just a girlie girl and beauty products and creams just make my heart sing a little tune, especially at the young age of 36 when I see these wonderful “laugh lines” as my Mama calls them around my eyes! Today, I am thrilled to share with you a company that I have had the pleasure of trying some beauty creams from. Per the website: “Morganna’s Alchemy is a line of luxury phyto-dermo comseuceutical products. The line was created by Chemist Maya Hyppolite Willams (M.A), who has had over fifteen years of experience in the Research and development area. Maya has worked with the biggest companies in America and in Europe.”

Morganna’s Alchemy products are formulated so that the user sees the most results in the least amount of time possible, and they are formulated for many different ethnic skins as well so almost anyone can use them! What I like the most about the company is they support the “Ripple Effect” which protects the environment so they meet my “greener” standard I have been holding to this year!

Morganna’s Potion is a nice medium thick cream that is made specifically to hydrated and regenerate skin cells. It has a nice scent to it, slightly perfume-y and it does a really great job moisturizing my skin. After just a few days of using it, I can see a difference in the trouble areas on my face like my eyes and between my eyebrows.

Morganna’s Rx for Spots is a skin brightening cream that is to be used twice a day to brighten the skin and is about the same consistency of your average hair conditioner in my opinion. It too has a wonderful aroma to it, and is really easy to apply to my face and neck area in the morning and before bed time. It has a powerful antioxidant in it that is designed to lighten skin and make us look youthful!

Lastly, I tried the Morganna’s Elixer Plus which is a really thick cream! This cream is for providing a collagen boost and fading deep expression lines. It is a really great night cream since it is so thick and of course, like all the other creams has a wonderful smell to it!

You can find the Morganna’s Alchemy products on the website and read multiple testimonials while you are there to determine for yourself!”

“Skin care is universal. We all need to take good care of our skin to help preserve and protect it as we age. No matter who you are or what gender, skin care is important and should be taken seriously. There are so many products available for your skin, but only a select few can maintain your skin’s natural properties and prepare it for the years ahead, while using natural ingredients.

Morganna’s Alchemy was developed by a Master in Cosmetic Science, with 15+ years of R&D cosmetics and reflects her expertise in multi-ethnic skin types, powerful formulations that optimize the action of the active ingredients, high concentration of active ingredients and hypoallergenic products. The skin care line contains more active ingredients than most products in the market and derives from natural ingredients with exceptional healing properties. It does not contain parabens, and all plant and fruit extracts are Ecocertified.

I was so fortunate to receive Morganna’s Mesmer Eyes and Morganna’s Brew Cleanser to review:

The Morganna’s Brew Cleanser came in a plastic bottle with a convenient pump. I love how large the pump on the bottle is, making it simple to use and easy for the product to dispense. The cleanser is foamy which I loved, making it easy to lather and apply. It’s advised that you use the cleanser on a clean face twice daily, but decided to test it on my face in the morning when my face was bare and at night when I was washing makeup off. Both times, it cleaned very well, removing excess oil/dirt without drying my skin. It’s very gentle on my sensitive skin and the foam cleanser makes it easy to dispense only what you need.

Morganna’s Brew Cleanser is Sodium Laural Sulphate free and contains the following active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Lavender Extract & Oil, Chamomile Extract, Dandelion Extract, Vitamin E Natural, Sea Salt, and Sandalwood Oil.

The Morganna’s Mesmer Eyes was a perfect fit for me to review, as it claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. As mentioned in previous posts, I have had chronic dark circles my whole life and am always willing to try new products to see how they might or might not help. Although my dark circles will never completely go away, any improvement (dramatic or subtle) is always welcome! Unlike the Brew Cleanser, the eye cream came in a thick glass bottle and smaller dispenser, which is perfect for an eye cream as you only use a small amount. The cream wasn’t too thick and absorbed well when applied under the eyes. I chose to apply at night before going to bed, as it says to apply once daily. After a few days I noticed that the skin under my eyes was more hydrated, refreshed and parts of my dark circles were slightly lightened, which is a definite improvement for me! I rarely get puffiness under my eyes, but when my allergies are bothering me or I get too much sleep, they can get slightly puffy. I noticed that the Mesmer Eyes greatly improved that puffiness during those times.

The active ingredients in the Mesmer Eyes is Ash Bark Extract, Organic Silicon, and Vitamin B3.

I found that the Morganna’s Alchemy products I reviewed were overall great quality products that I loved and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for skin care that shows results, and naturally.

You can browse their website for more wonderful products or find them on Facebook.”

“Morganna’s Alchemy is a line of luxury phyto-dermo-cosmeuceutical products. The line was created by Chemist Maya Hyppolite-Williams (M.A), who has had over fifteen years of experience in the Research and development area. Maya has worked with the biggest companies both in America and in Europe.

Carefully they have chosen organic active ingredients from Europe, Africa and Asia, each and every cream was developed by Maya with her signature of Phyto dermo cosmeceuticals meaning that multiple and highly potent ingredients are put in synergy giving the best possible results in the least amount of time. Wrinkle reduction, acne control, and age spot prevention and removal are achieved with no side effects.

Morganna’s Elixir is one of many natural products derived from ancient organic recipes that can help you to have healthy skin, this cream helps to turn back the clock on expression lines. The Elixir contains Watercress a plant extract which has molecules that can actually bring a relaxed and fresh look to the skin.

Morganna’s Elixir helps to smooth out all those little lines that are appearing as we grow older. You know laugh lines, crows feet and the such. What I like about this facial cream is that it goes on smooth and after a few days I was already seeing results. I have to face the fact I’m getting older and need to protect my skin from pollution, sun, and other elements my skin faces daily.”

Morganna’s Alchemy began in Europe as the brainchild of Maya Hyppolite, a cosmetic chemist with over fifteen years experience creating some of the most popular personal care products on the market. Applying her expertise to the world of cosmeceuticals, Maya quickly invented a line of skin care products.

Today, Morganna’s Alchemy is based in the beautiful gulf coast of Florida and serves an international clientele united by a single goal – to remain as young and beautiful as nature, science and wisdom will allow.

Morganna’s Enchantment ($39.99) is a powerful cream that is blended with natural oils, extracts and other ingredients that inhibits production of the hormones that are a leading cause of acne. This cream delivers anti-oxidants, collagen stimulators and other nutrients to treat existing outbreaks and prevent acne-related scars. This product has done wonders for my blemish outbreaks. Therefore, I highly recommend this product if you have problems with acne. It might be a tad pricey, but it is well worth it!”

“I’m always in front of the camera so my skin is very important to me. I use Morganna’s Elixir for my skin toning and I use Morganna’s Magic for my expression lines and it works! It makes me beautiful… I recommend this product highly”

“I have been using Morganna’s Enchantment for the past 2 years, I had a severe acne problem.

Now look at my skin! It’s a miracle!”

“I am a chef as well as a landscaper. Due to the harmful effects of the sun and the heat I had to take action by protecting my skin and that is how I discovered Morganna’s skincare products which makes my skin look healthier, relaxed, smooth  and mostly radiant.

I strongly suggest anyone to use this product because it does work and it has worked for me”

“I take care of 3 grandkids and I work in a pharmacy as a medical rep. I am a very busy  woman! So thanks to Morganna’s Magic my skin is beautiful and it will stay this beautiful forever!”

I have been using Morganna’s Elixir as part of my daily regimen since 2005. Its comparable to many of the expensive anti-aging and smoothing serums I used to use. The results  are great and I get compliments on my complexion all the time. The elixir is perfect for a young mom like me. I dont need a ton of products, I just apply and go. Its not greasy and compliments my combination skin. A litte goes a long way!

Maya, my mother in law raved about your elexir, she loved it so much she told her sister in tennesse who also purchased it online. I must say her skin looks ravishing. you’ve really got something there. totally genius

. I actually performed a little test since so many creams had failed before. I applied the Elixir on only one side of my face (around eyes, forehead and either side of the mouth) for the first several days. The difference was phenomenal! As I said before, noticed by many people. Of course both sides of my face now look equally well.

I was excited to see the different products on your site. Would you provide information as to the regimen for a 58 year young women with normal to dry skin. I would also like more information about each product. At this time I use a 5 product anti-aging regimen in Arbonne. I use a cleanser, toner, lifter, serum, eye cream and lotion during the day and cream at night. I exfoliate twice a week and masque once a week. Of course I always used the elixir day and night and allowed it to absorb before applying any other products.

I started using the Elixir in January 2007.  I have noticed my skin is softer and little firmer.  The fine lines I started developing around my eyes and mouth have almost disappeared.  In the past facial crèmes I have used from Avon, Oil of Olay and other companies have caused small break-outs on my cheeks, chin & base of nose area.   I have not experienced that at all with the Elixir.  My skin actually has a younger looking quality. I started using the Potion in the last few weeks at night.  The scent is so light that I have experienced any breathing problems as in the passed.

Hands down Morganna’s Elixir is the best anti-aging cream I have ever used.  After only a few applications people started commented on my younger-looking beautiful and radiant skin.  My husband even noticed (and that is no easy feat)!  I can’t say enough good things about this product, especially since compared to other pricer department store brands, this product is far superior and a better value.  If you want to help your skin look younger by decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I highly suggest picking up some of Morganna’s Elixir!

Being in my forties skincare if of course very important. Some years ago I was introduced to the Morganna products and after trying them out for a few weeks I was convinced. I was told to use Morganna’s Elixir on my forehead to reduce the expression lines I had. And lo and behold, it actually worked! Now, 4 years later, the expression lines are almost invisible. I also use Morganna’s Magic as my day and night cream. Considering that people still think I’m in my thirties, the cream is doing a great job.