The Best Kept Secret in Anti-Aging Skincare: Lingonberry Fruit cells

Lingonberry, is a mountain subshrub native to Europe and North America. It is easily recognized by its red berries.

Undemanding, it requires very little light to grow and can thrive in very acidic soils.

The pigments that give these berries their red color are known as proanthocyanins, and these have potent skin-calming and antioxidant ability.

It’s composed of tannins and catechins, proanthocyanidols, polyphenols, anthocyanosides, flavonols, catechins, phenolic acids, derivatives of quercetol and kaempferol, arbutoside, fraxoside, ursone.

All the actives contribute to Lingonberry Cells Extracts being used  in skincare for

 regenerating & activating cell

antioxidant and protective, ideal for dry and mature skin

inflammatory and soothing, suitable for sensitive skin and eczema

rapid absorption, for soft skin


Fruits: lignans and iridoids, organic acids, vitamins A and C

  1. Lingonberry used externally acts on several factors. The arbutin it contains prevents hyperpigmentation and is sometimes even used as a skin lightener for African women. It also has antioxidant properties and its fruit acids help exfoliate the skin.
  2. Lingonberry can be used in the form of oil made from seeds which will then have an emollient virtue, and will be an agent of maintenance and protection of the skin. Extremely rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (for moisturizing and anti-aging action) and in tocotrienols (antioxidants more powerful than vitamin E) which facilitate cell growth. Rich in gamma linoloeic acid which is vital in helping the skin to maintain its balance of moisture, Omega 3 contributes to glowing healthy skin while Omega 6 fights inflammation and supports circulatory energy



  1. Lingonberry in gemmotherapy prevents premature aging of the skin. It acts on the process of hyalinization (tissue sclerosis) and tissue aging. lingonberry bud is a versatile, anti-aging remedy, because it acts on conjunctive hyalinosis (tissue sclerosis), and slows down tissue aging of uterine tissues ( fibroids), ovaries, arteries (arteriosclerosis), especially after menopause. It is a specific bud for women.
  2. Its many virtues make it a plant frequently used in cooking, medicine, but also in cosmetics to fight against certain diseases.

It contains vitamins C, sugars and plant antibiotics and is often recommended to treat inflammation of the urinary and biliary tract, rheumatism and even diarrhea. Lingonberry therefore helps to drain the bladder and fight against cystitis.

Thanks to the high content of vitamins C, they are excellent fruits for health. The berry is quite edible raw but beware it is very sour.


At Morganna’s Alchemy we use this magnificent ingredient in step 1 of our 10 years younger in 30 days kit in the form of  lingonberry stem cells designed to prevent and reverse photoaging , mimicking one of nature’s solutions to fight damaging effects of solar radiation in plants.

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