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The Golden Rules of Layering Skincare

The Japanese word “Saho” has been translated in the West as “superposition” or “layering”. It is a ritual that consists of carrying out a skincare routine in a cascade.

It is a multi-step protocol, performed morning and evening in a fixed order.

  1. Oil-based cleanser
  2. Gentle water-based cleanser
  3. Lotion or tonic (hydrosol or vegetable essence)
  4. Serum
  5. Eye cream
  6. Day or night cream
  7. Sunscreen during the day or a rich cream in the evening
  8. Moisturizing lip balm

These treatments are also accompanied by a gentle exfoliation or face mask 2-3 times a week.

Layering skincare is an essential practice in Asian cultures.

Prevention rather than cure: This is the No. 1 pillar of layering and the relationship to beauty in Korea. You start to take care of your skin before the damage occurs because damage is more difficult to reverse. In short, if you think you don’t need an eye contour at 30, think again! Now is the time to take care of your skin so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Layering in 8 detailed steps– once you get used to these 8 steps it will not take you more than 10 minutes each evening!

One of the golden rules is to gradually introduce your new product into your routine.

  • There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all routine Each skin is unique in its kind and has its own tolerance threshold!
  • Patience is essential suited you today may not suit you in 6 months. This is perfectly normal!
  • The skin changes at your own pace: climatic conditions, lifestyle, medical treatment and hormones largely influence its current condition. It’s up to you to adapt your routine to all these changes.

Step 1: Cleansing oil: Make-up is removed from your skin using a very fatty substance (massage oil or cream / balm). Why use oil to cleanse, you might say …? Well, know that there is nothing better for removing dirt, no matter how crazy it sounds!

Purifies and removes make-up, even waterproof. It leaves the skin supple and soft without impurities.

Apply 2 or 3 doses in the palm of your hands, dry. Distribute over the fingers.

Apply to dry face and gently massage with fingertips to dissolve makeup. Rinse 2 or 3 times with lukewarm water.


Step 2: Water based cleanser with a Konjac sponge. A personal favorite is the use of Konjac sponge by massaging in circles then rinse.

Apply 2 or 3 doses on the moistened Konjac sponge.

Use the sponge on a damp face to create a lather by massaging in circles. Avoid the area around the eye.

Rinse with clean water. Gently wipe the face with a small clean towel.

Step 3: Spray on some Rose water to quickly balance your skin pH

Step 4: Eye contour treatment. The area around the eye is the most fragile,  skin is very thin and this is often where the first signs of aging such as fine lines and dark circles appear. In addition, it is the most sensitive area of ​​the face. Both a serum and an eye contour, Morganna’s Mesmer Eyes and Morganna’s Black Gold with caffeine, smoothes fine lines, reshapes the contours of the face, corrects dark circles and puffiness to brighten the eyes. Your skin will be firmer, smoother and plumped.

Apply 3 small dabs of Black Gold eye gel to the area. Leave the Serum in the refrigerator for a decongestant effect.

Step 5: Serum. It is a treatment that treats a specific problem, and that activates the benefits of the day cream.

Apply 4 small dots of serum on the cheeks, chin and forehead. To make the product penetrate, pat the eye area with your fingertips and massage in circular motions.

This step moisturizes and protects the skin on a daily basis and provides it with specific care depending on your age or the quality of your skin.

Step 6: Lotion or Oil. Skin care oils are undoubtedly one of the least understood and most misunderstood stages of layering.

Often perceived as occlusive, too rich or not sufficiently dosed in active ingredients, creams mainly play a final protective role after the many stages of layering.

In Korea, it is not uncommon to skip this step and use a lighter emulsion, especially for combination to oily skin. Another alternative is to use a moisturizing gel or a vegetable gel instead of the cream.


Step 7: Apply a mineral based Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide. This is very important to consider, as chemical sunscreen are very irritating and cause inflammation.


Step 8: Lip Balm. Consider an overnight lip treatment for maximum benefits. The key is not to let your lips dry out throughout the day or night.

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