The Secret Science Behind Plant Stem Cell Technology in Skincare

Plant stem cell technology is based on the healing capacities of plants.

When a plant suffers an injury, the first phase of healing is the formation of a callus. The constituent cells of this callus are undifferentiated cells (plant stem cells) which, depending on the nature and location of the injury, will differentiate into specific cells. Plant stem cells have the capability that is no longer possessed by adult human stem cells: from a plant stem cell, it is possible to reconstitute the whole plant.

To create ingredients based on plant stem cells, we must induce the formation of callus.

For this, a small part of the plant is removed (leaf, fruit, root, germ) and then injured. The callus stem cells are then cultured in specific media and then produced on a larger scale in bioreactors specially developed for this production.

How does this relate to skincare?

Above all, stem cells do one job: they regenerate themselves.

Every organism, whether human, animal or plant, is made up of a large number of cells. Each of the approximately 100 trillion cells in a person’s body has emerged from a stem cell at some point. However, their numbers decrease over the years. In contrast, plants have a greater amount of stem cells throughout their life.

Plant stem cells have the extraordinary ability to divide infinitely often. Something amazing happens during division: the cell copies itself and at the same time produces a new cell.

Our skin is constantly exposed to stimuli such as the sun and environmental influences and must regenerate itself over and over again. The body’s own stem cells contribute to the constant renewal of the skin. At one point, however, this process slows down as the number of stem cells decreases. plant stem cells can strengthen our skin tissues by protecting our skin’s own stem cells and supporting them in their ability to resist and regenerate

Plant stem cells activate the process of cell renewal by rejuvenating skin and helping to prevent cell damage.

Let’s take a look at the Edelweiss Stem Cells

They provide Protection, Regeneration, and Activation– a true treasure of the Alps!

When Edelweiss is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions: wind, rain, frost, and freezing cold, it protects itself by releasing a very high proportion of anti-oxidants, which in turn can reduce premature aging of the skin and fight free radicals in skin care. Cellular aging is avoided, and the skin becomes more resistant and elastic.

Strains of Edelweiss and a complex of active ingredients with calming and regenerating properties, ensure that each layer of the epidermis is hydrated and at the same time, its cellular activity is increased. Skin becomes firm and supple. Edelweiss contains a rich blend of active ingredients that intensify the antioxidant power of the skin. Its stem cells fully contribute to the protection against negative environmental influences and are therefore a wonderful remedy for often very stressed skin.

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