The Virtues of Honey, one of nature’s most powerful ingredients


Honey is not only a delicious nectar, it has many surprising virtues!

Rich in antioxidants, honey helps to reactivate the immune system.

If you regularly consume honey, your system will better resist to viruses and bacteria. Feeling a bit sluggish around 5 PM? A small slice of  Spelt bread with honey will do you good! Honey is a natural sugar that the body absorbs easily. And it’s a lot healthier than a bakery full of sugar saturated products!

1. Anti-insomnia

If you sleep poorly, add a tablespoon of honey in your tea or a glass of milk. Honeyactually contains tryptophan, an amino acid that causes drowsiness and   promotes sleep.

2. Anti-hangover

Honey has a high fructose content, a sugar which accelerates oxidation of the sugar in the liver. If you drank too much the night before, do prepare a breakfast with honey in the morning. Your headache due to excessive alcohol disappear after one hour.

3. Anti-bacterial

After a burn or a cut, apply a little honey on the wound. You will heal much faster because honey stops the growth of bacteria.

 4. Anti-sore throat

Honey is a traditional remedy against sore throat and a natural medicine against cough. Gargling with lemon juice mixed with honey will relieve your pain like a good syrup.

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