Top 10 best menopause skin care ritual for mature, naturally beautiful skin

Reaching the age of menopause means one thing for all women, our female hormones have gone into retirement. Yes, estrogen and progesterone can no longer stimulate skin cells such as fribroblasts. They are involved in the production of hyaluronic acid (a molecule that captures and retains water in the dermis), collagen and elastin (fibers providing tone and elasticity to the skin).

Our skin then suffers from dryness, one of the main causes of thinning of the epidermis, wrinkles and sagging.

Many things can be done about this one of them being to adopt a special menopause beauty and hydration routine to restore the water balance of the skin of the face and body.

Here are the steps

  1. Gently cleanse your face

In the morning, cleanse your skin with a gentle product that preserves the skin barrier, which protects your skin against aggressions and maintains its hydration.

A micellar water enriched with plant extracts will eliminate impurities from the surface of the skin while giving it a feeling of freshness and soothing.

  1. Apply a serum to optimize the action of your anti-aging cream

Serums are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin which makes them increase the effectiveness of your anti-aging treatment.

They are Concentrated in active ingredients, this product specially formulated for menopause regenerates and protects the epidermis, brightens the complexion, smoothes wrinkles and skin texture.

  1. Moisturize your skin with a special menopause cream

After your serum  daily a face cream and body cream specially formulated to hydrate mature or menopausal skin.

Choose products containing hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin A and/or trace elements.

  1. Repeat this in the evening and get a thicker more moisturizing night cream. This will enhance the performance of your treatments, do not hesitate to repeat the operation in the evening.


  1. Once a week Exfoliate dry, dull skin

Exfoliate your skin regularly. Gently rid of the dead cells that accumulate on the outer layer of the epidermis, your skin is ready to receive its beauty treatments.

  1. Pamper your skin with area specific products

To combat skin dryness and plump up certain areas of the face that are particularly sensitive to the effects of menopause, do not hesitate to add an area targeted treatment such as an eye or lip cream.

  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and opt for high factor sun protection so as not to accentuate the dryness and aging of your skin.

  1. Take the opportunity to also protect your hair, which is also subject to the effects of menopause.
  2. Hydrate your skin by balancing your diet

To combat the symptoms of menopause and ensure good hydration for your skin, complete your beauty routine with a balanced diet.

  1. Drink water and try to choose organic foods rich in water such as vegetables and fruits. Stock up on:
  • vitamin A to hydrate you from the inside and help your skin in its collagen synthesis (egg yolk and fish liver oils);
  • vitamin C known for its healthy glow and anti-wrinkle effect (citrus fruits and broccoli);
  • vitamin E slowing cell aging and preserving skin hydration and elasticity (sunflower oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil)

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