Understanding the importance of skin hydration means you must first understand how it works.

 The skin is made up of several layers: the hypodermis (very deep), the dermis, and the epidermis, the most “superficial” layer. The epidermis itself is made up of several layers. Everything is covered with what is called the “hydrolipidic film”.

The latter helps protect the skin from external aggressions (pollution, dust, etc.), but it also helps to limit the loss of water that the skin naturally and constantly undergoes. Limiting this water loss is a crucial issue, because water is necessary for the proper functioning of cell renewal, and it is in part what allows the skin to appear plump and soft.

Keeping your skin highly moisturized will help you to

  1. Look Younger – One of the best ways to fight wrinkles and keep your skin glowing and fresh is to incorporate a high-quality moisturizer into your daily regimen. Especially during the colder months, keeping your skin hydrated can really help improve texture and appearance.
  2. Prevent Dryness – By regularly applying moisturizer, you can prevent your skin from drying out and flaking. There is nothing more unpleasant than patchy skin with discolorations and spots. For a smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch face and even complexion, give your skin the emollients and humectants it needs to look and feel its best. If you really need a hydrating formula to quench your thirsty skin.
  3. Fight Acne – When your skin dries out, it sends a signal to your glands that it’s time to produce extra sebum which can clog your pores and cause rashes. It might sound counterintuitive, but you actually need to keep your face well hydrated to keep it acne free and keep it from getting too oily.
  4. Help sensitive Skin – issues like redness, eczema, and itchiness are all too common. Choose a moisturizer with skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe Vera to make sure your face is protected from the elements and looking its best
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