For those of us with black or mixed skin


For those of us with black or mixed skin


Black skin does not tolerate cold climates. To adapt to climate change, the cellular functioning of black skin has been disrupted. The result is: it suffers from dryness, is more sensitive and rough.


Remember to moisturize to a maximum.


Black skin is very sensitive. Women tend to ignore it, but “it is important to use non-abrasive soft scrubs. They are more effective and do not harm the skin. And even if it contains dead cells that are very dense and difficult to clean, one time mild scrub per week is sufficient (this also applies to very oily skin).

Remember, a good hydration treatment afterwards will make it possible to get rid of the dead cells stubborn that cling to the epidermis

Here are a few more tips for the ultimate care of your skin type


Always moisturize and we mean always


Black and mixed skin is prone to comedones, so it is better to “head towards non-comedogenic products” when it comes to cleaning.

Note that the oils and Shea butter used frequently in the hydration of black skins are only replenishing   and have no (or very little) water content. With this type of care, the skin is not really hydrated but just “greased”. For your face, it is therefore necessary to regularly use moisturizers and serums during the changes of the seasons

Small tip: if during the day, your skin tends to shine too much, do not hesitate to use papers matifying blotting effect


Protect it from the Sun.

  • Contrary to popular belief, black skin also needs sunscreen, especially for people who are not born under the sun. As for sun protection, use SPF index between 20 and 30. And for the blackest skin to avoid the unsightly gray aspect of certain sunscreens, use a tinted sun protection.


Remove your make-up at night

  • Use an aqueous cleanser for sensitive skin. Black skin has a specificity: it can be dehydrated and at the same time continue to shine, while white skin that lacks water never shines.” No need to dry your skin. Choose make-up-removing milks and foams



  • The dead cells of the black skin are loaded with melanin (which concentrates the pigmentation).
  • Result: You should regularly exfoliate (once a week) to prevent your complexion from becoming dull.
  • In addition, inflammations due to acne reveal unsightly hyperpigmentation . Again, no need to dry the skin to make your imperfections disappear. Dehydrated skin makes the complexion even duller.
  • The solution is to use a mild purifying and absorbing mask that does not dry out the skin. Then, apply a serum or fluid to help eliminate dead skin.

Remember one thing; hydration is the key to beautiful skin. No need to procrastinate.

Hollywood actress Regina King with her Morganna products

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