Tips For Having a Relaxing Valentine’s Day… Even In A Pandemic

Dinner and a movie may be off the table, but this Valentine’s Day might be the perfect excuse to have a spa night.

Make sure your bathrobes, champagne flutes, and indulgent snacks are waiting for you. Keyword for this evening: relaxation.

  1. Take a bubble bath for two. Run a hot bath and enhance it with essential oils or a scented bath gel. In fact, try this                                 

  2.  Give each other manicures/pedicures

  3. Give each other massages or even perform full-body treatments!       

  4. Exfoliate your skin, take out your favorite masks, put cucumbers on your eyes, and just enjoy this sweet moment of relaxation. Here’s our favorite mask

  5. Light candles to make the room a haven of relaxation. Remember to slip your bathrobes in the dryer to keep them warm when you get out of the bath.  Here’s a good product to use after the bath
  6. Declare your love! Take advantage of this February 14th to write a letter to your lover. Include details of your meeting and mention all the events that are part of your common journey. You could also make a video montage with photos and your favorite songs.
  7. There’s no need to miss out on fine dining just because you’re staying home. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, try a new recipe. Otherwise, a few companies offer in-house chef service.  To ensure that your Valentine’s Day meal is sure to be successful, focus on foods that you love that are not going to weigh you down. There’s nothing worse than a too-rich meal that will plunge you into long sleepy digestion! Choose ingredients with stimulating properties: In the salty section, seafood and fish are very popular. Light and rich protein, they will keep you awake until the end of the night. Vegetables like asparagus, artichoke, and celery have energizing properties as well. In addition, do not hesitate to use and abuse spices. If chili and ginger are essential to titillate the senses, know that cinnamon curry, through nutmeg, cloves, or vanilla, all are energizing.
  8. Arrange a chocolate and wine tasting. If you are avid lovers of good wines, organize an in-home tasting. Go buy some good bottles. Ask the clerk for advice on how to discover spectacular wines. Pick up some quality chocolate and perhaps try your luck at a charcuterie platter. 
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