What can we do to keep our skin looking glowing and gorgeous at menopause?

Hydration is the secret to healthy mature skin. Here are our tips for taking this crucial step in your life as a woman during the crucial changes of menopause.

By Providing and maintaining water, a balanced diet, physical activity: these are the golden rules of your new mature special care and beauty ritual.

To keep your skin hydrated

SERUMS ARE A NECESSARY STEP https://www.morgannasalchemy.com/product/serum-trio-collection/

Much more concentrated than a classic treatment, the serum is used in small quantities, which is why it is presented in a small bottle with a dropper cap or a measuring pipette. It can be part of the beauty routine as a daily treatment or as a cure.

Its fluid texture does not ensure the protection of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, the serum does not replace facial care (day or night cream, oil …) On the contrary, it acts in addition to the usual care to increase the effect.


Loaded with powerful active ingredients, the serum offers a smoother texture than a beauty cream for deep penetration through the different layers of the skin.

Rich in ingredients known for their moisturizing, nourishing and / or soothing action, the facial serum may contain, depending on its formulation, some of these active ingredients:

  • hyaluronic acid (natural constituent of the skin, capturing and retaining water in the dermis and epidermis);
  • aloe vera (moisturizing and anti-aging effect)
  • peptides (amino acids stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, sought after for their moisturizing, toning and anti-wrinkle action)

To keep beautiful skin as it matures, you need to provide it with good hydration. Starting in the morning with a gentle cleanser that will respect the skin barrier.

Once a week microdermabrasion. By removing the dead cells that clutter the outer layer of the epidermis, your skin is ready to better absorb your cream or serums that follow.

Then apply a facial treatment and body cream specially formulated for mature or menopausal skin (products containing hyaluronic acid, carotenoids, vitamins and / or trace elements).


Nutrition – It is necessary to rehydrate the skin in depth with suitable active ingredients and to restore the hydrolipidic film, to better protect the skin from external aggressions and prevent skin dryness.

Our Morganna’s 10 years younger in 30 days kit is a complete system to address the aging issues all at once.


  • Stimulate the natural production of collagen to firm the tissues and act on sagging. Your skin will be plumped. Stem cells are amazing anti-aging ingredients for this.
  • Harmonize skin pigmentation and improve skin microcirculation to reduce white or brown spots, and even out skin tone.
  • No sun exposure without the proper protection
  • When you think of the sun you think, cream or sun spray with at least spf 30 protection factor. Mature skin, whatever its complexion, is extremely sensitive to sunlight. As always we recommend sunscreens mostly containing Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
  • Choose moisturizing sunscreens with Vitamin C. You benefit from a quadruple moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-UV protection.

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