What Hydration Can Do


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Now that winter weather is upon us, it’s important to stay moisturized! We rarely think of our skin as the largest organ, and its role to protect all of the other organs we have. Therefore, we should give it top priority by at least moisturizing every day.

What can hydration do?

As far as skin itself is concerned, hydration reduces the indications of age and keeps skin soft and elastic. The water content in skin helps it perform its protective functions. With proper hydration, skin looks firm and supple and is able to heal faster when injured. If dermal cells are not hydrated properly, they lose suppleness and hair follicles can get blocked, causing bacterial accumulation. When skin is not adequately hydrated, it loses thickness, and offers less body protection. Skin tone becomes dry and dull, and extra sensitive. Wrinkles are formed easily.

Hydration makes your skin look plumper, healthier and smoother. Skin that is properly hydrated has been known to age slower than moisture-deprived skin and is better protected against environmental influences. Also, as we age, our skin becomes less effective at regulating the skin’s water balance, so it becomes even more important to include moisturization in our daily routine.

So how do we get this much needed hydration to our aging-skin?

Dry skin: your best bet is a balanced diet

Nutritional variety allows sufficient fat intake to maintain hydration. But sometimes that is not enough, especially in winter, where the skin is severely tested. And, often during dieting because women reduce their fat intake; the result is that, they often have dry skin.

Yet, you have to eat fat: a little butter on toast for breakfast and two tablespoons of oil with every meal (nuts and rapeseed for omega-3, olive and grape seed for other fatty acids). These two sources of lipids provide essential fatty acids and vitamin E which promotes hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and plays a role in fighting antioxidant against free radicals

Here are some General Body-Care Tips:
  1. Take a short, warm (not hot) shower or bath only once a day, for not more than five minutes.
  2. Use mild soaps that do not contain fragrance or other irritants (Avoid bubble baths and high foaming cleansers!).
  3. Apply moisturizer to damp skin within three minutes of showering or bathing to lock in moisture.
  4. During the winter, dress children in layers and choose soft fabrics like cotton, and avoid rough fabrics directly on the skin (e.g. wool).
  5. Use a humidifier to counter dry indoor heat.

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