What is Dry Oil? How to Pick the Best Oils for Face and Body

It’s oil that does not leave an oily feeling on the skin while providing good skin hydration. Dry oil is fluid and quickly absorbed. It nourishes the skin and enhances it. Its application is pleasant and it leaves a satin finish that pleases women.

It is ideal in summer to enhance your tan! It has the same advantages as classic body oil, without the disadvantages (no greasy effect, does not leave marks on clothes …) It is a simple and quick beauty treatment to adopt daily.

In addition, it is suitable for all skin types! These are vegetable oils that are full of benefits.

The vegetable oils contained in dry oils are particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omaga 3 and omega-6). They also each have specific properties for targeted actions because they have more affinity for the skin. Dry oil will therefore be easily absorbed by the epidermis, while leaving a slightly satiny effect.

How are dry oils obtained?

To obtain dry oil, a vegetable texture agent and an emollient agent derived from coconut are added to the vegetable oils, which will make it possible to reduce the fatty aspect of the oils and give a slippery effect.

There is a wide variety of dry oils, due to the very large number of vegetable oils


The advantage of these oils is that you can use them for EVERYTHING! They are mainly intended for hydration of the body, but they can also be applied to the face, hair or even in the bath.

Surprising, isn’t it?

One product to do it all, the concept is tempting!


How does dry oil make your skin beautiful?

It strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis. It nourishes it in depth and restores its suppleness.

***best applied on damp skin***

How is dry oil used?

1.On the face, it is better to use it in the evening because of its slightly satin effect. You can apply your pure dry oil or by mixing a few drops with your night cream.

2.On the body, vegetable oil can be used on all dry areas using light massages. It can also be used on exposed parts for a touch of shine.


3.Dry oil can also Help tan or décolleté.



4.In the bath water, pour a few drops and take full advantage of its moisturizing properties

  1. It is also excellent for your hair:

Ideal for dry or brittle hair, it can be applied: A few minutes before shampooing to nourish the hair without weighing it down.
PRO TIP: Do a hair mask before bed, apply the oil all over the hair, massage the scalp thoroughly to nourish and stimulate it, and then brush to distribute the oil evenly.

Remember to put a towel on your pillow to avoid staining your sheets.

Shampoo next morning


How do you choose the right dry oil?

Organic cosmetic certified dry oils are made from natural ingredients that comply with environmental standards. Conversely, the conventional cosmetic industry has developed various processes intended to improve the texture and preservation of the vegetable oils contained in dry oils. These techniques are not very respectful of the environment and alter the benefits of vegetable oil.

Avoid hydrogenated or esterified oils.  Whether they are hydrogenated, esterified or refined, they are obtained through chemical processes with harmful environmental impact. Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction.

It involves adding a molecule of dihydrogen by catalysis to modify the structure of fatty acids contained in vegetable oil. This industrial technique has the consequence of producing an instability of the molecule composing vegetable oil – transformed into saturated fatty acids -, deteriorating it and therefore altering its virtues.

Esterification is a chemical process that involves mixing vegetable oil with another natural or synthetic ingredient such as triglycerides (derived from palm oil), caprates or cocoglycerides (fatty substances derived from coconuts).

Esterification is a hot reaction that will alter the active ingredients in vegetable oil.

Without forgetting that this process often requires the addition of synthetic solvents, that is to say from petrochemicals. Esterified oil therefore contains fewer nutrients and more solvents than natural vegetable oil.


Should I massage it in?

Yes, just a few drops+ heat well in the hands to increase penetration + massage gently for a couple of minutes.

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